Sunday, June 09, 2013

My birthday gift from God (through daddy, and mommies)

My birthday gift from my dad (and my mom) on father's day, an AWESOME gothic-al, vampiric style chandelier suited the beams of my front porch (there is only one porch, yes, but it just sounds right by the book to mention it as a front porch).

Not everyday, might be never in our lifetime that somebody would come along and offer a free chandelier (like whaaaat...?) and after so many pushing here and there amongst the uncles and aunts, including to a surau, and then eventually resting in a store room temporarily with the decidedly next station would be an iron recycled centre, if it's meant to be, it's meant to be....mine.

(Along with health and happiness) This feels like a birthday gift from God through mom and dad. (Abah,"Kira birthday gift la tuu!") It's so clear, nobody wanted it, they can't see it hanged beautifully in what kind of environment they just can't imagine it couldn't place it and throwing it away too didn't feel right, but I felt it the moment Abah just as mentioned it to me. We hanged the chandelier there together, Abah and me, couldn't hide our excitements through the whole process (Happy Father's Day, abah!). Mommies and him even made a complimentary visit  tonight just to witness it in its turned on form. Glorified. (no puns intended). Thank you, God (you're the best, peace out!)

Can't imagine a better place to compliment its gothical, vampiric build other than the beams of my front porch. It's raining and the chandelier orange lights are on, definitely harry potter-ic!

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