Sunday, July 21, 2013

For me and you the nocturnals

I like going out at night time. Less hustle bustle and cooler. In fact, I am more alive and sharper at night. Endorphines seem to be flowing more this time.

My conversation with God

A few nights ago I wrote a rather emotional burst on my wall about how the political leaders being too slow in responding to threatening acts on public unity and Islam in the country. Aside from that, also on the overly generosity of our government in trying to win public's votes, edging their good acts closer and closer to shame.

A famous (or infamous for some) public figure shared my post on her wall. It invited a rather insensitive and abusive remark on the name of Allah and abusive words about my acts on my faith from a kafir. I was never a direct victim of cyber attacks before, so the nasty remark strikes a chord somewhere on how people can be very mean and disrespectful of one another.  (sorry for my disrespectful remarks on anyone..)

"Dear God, protect me from my enemies and yours."

"Mereka itu akan terus memerangi kamu sehingga mereka berjaya memalingkan kamu, kalau mereka mampu." - al-Baqarah, ayat 217.

Hours later, the kafir posted the same abusive comment on another post of the public figure..boy did he get a a few good warnings from fellow fbookers.

Like God is so near, it is both comforting and scary at the same time.

My conversation with God

As I was typing this, the next predictive word on the phone suggested the right words. Maybe I've typed this before.

I came across this verse in the quran earlier this morning, was so touched by it, I made a mental note to share it later today (We all have our struggles, this verse is our faith in our prayers). 

Later, triggered by a conversation I had with a dear friend, I remembered and immediately shared the verse with her. So I did, and shared it with my buddies, about minute later this post was shared on my wall..

my god...

Tuesday, July 02, 2013


A plate of self serving bihun goreng and a piece of pan fried egg, 2 glasses of iced orange cordial dined in an airconditioned room costed me 20cents...after the rm1 company subsidy.

Earlier, I left a skype status ever declaring my boredom with work and life in conform to work as it is.

Now, filled, I thought, thank God. Here I am feeling satisfied, albeit dining alone in a closed cubicle at the cafe, I am not somewhere in a hospital bed or a funeral.

Puny humans, we were created as beings challenged to stay satisfied. We always want more, thus we complained. We often failed to see the silver linings of the situation layed upon us.

Dear God, make this my conversation to you. Whenever we complain, smirk us off eva green style, because, it is often funny how childish we are when we complain. Sorry :)