Saturday, August 24, 2013

Burst my bubble, please.

"I can't recall when or where I picked that up. 
I'm afraid that I may not be good enough, even for my own standard. Afraid of being a struggling sorry ass. 
I'm even afraid to delve into the possibility of my mind. 

They say the first step of recovery is to admit that you have the problem. Yes, I am afraid. Am I supposed to submit myself to a certain level of admission for the recovery to start?
I am my own enemy that I figured as much.
It is what I am afraid of that I don't understand. Or rather why I am, I don't understand.

I should instead fear of being the one who wonders 'what if..' one day.. "

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dear A&W

Today I read this page on yahoo :

And one of the secret menus got my attention (no 1 on the list) :

#1. Poutine, A&W/Kentucky Fried Chicken
To get this entry, you'll need to go to a joint KFC and A&W location, one of those increasingly common fast food mergers where they've built both restaurants into the same building. They're not that easy to find; the last time I saw an A&W "All American Food" was somewhat ironically in Malaysia.

I was surprised to learn that not only that this joint is scarce in Malaysia, the "All American Food" is also hard to find in its native country. Never mind that, so I focused my courage to send a feedback to A&W Malaysia online. This is what I wrote in contact us 

Me and my friends, we eat KFC chickens, McD burgers and 1901 New York Chicken.


Your Mozza Burger, your Coney Dog, your Waffel and even your fried chicken hold special place to our taste buds. Seriously. And I don't have to mention about your Root-Beer Floats and Curly Fries - Simply Legend-waitforit-Dary!!

We are in the nothern region and many of us, me, personally have been to all your outlets here, Gurney Plaza (once upon a time in 2001..and also a few years back), Sungai Petani Tesco and Kulim's Landmark Central and AEON Perda..and our common feedback is, you hired the wrong sort of people who don't know how to do inventories.

Listen, "dah habis, dah habis, dah habis, ini itu pun dah habis, yang tinggal root beer float sahaja" comment is not a sign of successfully selling your product.

It is your failure, at meeting demands, poor planning from the store manager (I suppose) which eventually leads to these stores' demise.

Also, the unprofessional attitude of the employees, shouting at each other, dirty eating places..are these what we are paying the taxes for? So disappointing.

I just think, I would like to share our insights to you guys, so you can/should take appropriate actions to improve. Because we love your foods.

However, it has simply been more than a year since I have had a decent meal at the nearest A&W outlet, in AEON Perda. My last trial was probably 4 months ago at 9.30pm when itu ini begitu begini dah habis..3 groups of customers left disappointedly.

When I clicked on the button submit, this is what I get :

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80040e14'
Line 1: Incorrect syntax near 't'.
/enquiry.asp, line 47

Watahel. Too Ch*****S*** to receive feedback? And My feedback is all because I feeeeel for their foods. Not because I hate them. Huh. Hopeless. 

So I left a message in their facebook page,  the last message from their admin is from January 2012. Very promising. What a disappointment.