Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day 04 – A song that makes you sad

This topic falls on a Saturday, I was not about to get melancholy over the weekend, so I decided to postpone to Monday. Naturally, Monday is a mourning day. 

Or it should be but today, mostly everything conveniently went according to plan, despite the scorching hot weather. Makes me wonder for a bit if i should stall this topic a little bit longer.

But I think it is a little bit unhealthy to have a lingering melancholic topic somewhere in the back of your mind. I have to let it out.

So for a song that makes me sad is actually a compilation of songs. Some are poetic, some are romantic, but nevertheless, listening to them makes me feel...sad. The songs are mostly composed and sang by the same person. It is not because that I used to live in a melancholic time frame where this set of songs were famous back then, it is rather, the the person, who composed and sang these songs struck a chord deep inside, not just me, but many others. I couldn't help from feeling, i'm sorry for repeating this word over and over again, but no word resonates more accurate representation of what I feel than the word, melancholic, whenever I listen to his songs. So here are some of his songs lyrics, which I hope would trigger the same feeling, or at least understanding why I have chosen them as my sad song(s).

Getaran jiwa melanda hatiku
Tersusun nada, irama dan lagu

Andai dipisah lagu dan irama
Lemah tiada berjiwa… hampa

As the next generation born after the death of P.Ramlee, we have had only his movies and the songs from his movies to remind us of him. Amazingly, one thing registers amongst us about him, he is, legendary. No other malay movies touch him the way his movies touch us. Though I grew up listening to Radio 4 and living my young adult life to hitz, mix and fly fms, I dare say, and on behalf of many others, P.Ramlee is our pride. 

Tunggu sekejap
Wahai kasih
Kerana hujan masih renyai
Tunggu sekejap
Dalam pelukan asmaraku

Try listening to this song for once, and tell me if you are not smiling. ;)

Bini muda, Hasnah : ohhh sebelum awak nak kerja kan saya, saya koooreeekk biji mata awak
Bini tua, Tipah : amboi dah dirampas laki kita, bijik mata kita dia nak korek
- filem Madu 3

hai mambang biru mambang kuning mambang angin mambang laut...
.. mambang mabok minum brandy - filem Pendekar Bujang Lapok

I Want Iblis Tonic ... Give Me Syaitan & Tonic .. and then give me Haji Bakhil & Tonic, get out, get out! - filem Labu Labi

hey owang sebelah, apa yang ngko wel wel wel kan tu hah - filem Masam Masam Manis
awat yang galah hang terjuloq terjuntai masuk bilik aku ni hoh? Nah hai.. Hang taghik la balik - filem Masam Masam Manis

Watching his happy go lucky movies, led us to imagine that everything used to be pleasant sunny sunshine way back when. No matter how many times I watched his movies, I would never fail to laugh at the characters' antics. Again, I dare say on behalf of many others, we  would wait for our favourite lines in the movies and would burst out laughing like it was the first time us hearing those lines. That is how incredible he is, thus lands him the legendary stature.

Then the true revelation came from History Channel. The life of P.Ramlee, his version of 'THS' was made and aired on History Channel through Astro, instead of RTM. Why you ask, coz RTM fucked him and they fucked him real bad, all those SENIMAN people, they fucked him to his lowest, and to a point where we, the future generation becomes, "..a nation that can't quite forgive itself for the way they have treated.." a legend. 

Oh! Jeritan batinku
Namamu selalu
Sehari kurasa sebulan
Hatiku tiada tertahan
Ku pandang kiri
Ku pandang kanan
Di kau tiada…
Batinku menangis risau
Makin kau jauh
Makin hatiku bertambah kacau
Mengapa kita berpisah
Tak sanggup menahan asmara
Oh! Dengarlah
Jeritan batinku

To this day, there will never be another P.Ramlee, a common phrase many would utter on TV. But here is the reality check, for the way the seniman people ill treated him in the past, local movie industry, post P.Ramlee to this day, are cursed. Rubbish are produced every year, as I have blogged before, local movies, "tak sah kalau lelaki tak jerkah2, pompuan tak jerit2 and scene rogol2". dafuq. really. How degrading. Tak cukup dgn tu, gangster, rempit, bohjan, bohsia, berturut-turut. Tolong interview mai sat mamat n minah ganster rempit bohjan bohsia mana yg insaf lepas tgk muvi-muvi ni. Seriously. Karya-karya post P.Ramlee era are cursed, with bullshit. Open your mind and start analyzing local films and tv dramas, kenapa ada dialog-dialog kurang ajar banyak sangat. Is this the legacy we are living for our future generation about us? I have a glimpse of how it was way back when in P.Ramlee films. I DEFINITELY CAN'T CONDONE rempits, bohsia, bohjan, kl gansters, kl menjerit, pontianak, kuntilanak AS OUR LEGACY WHERE OUR FUTURE GENERATION CAN HAVE A GLIMPSE ON OUR WAY OF LIFE! Filem2 P.Ramlee tak payah buat script watak-watak kurang ajar pun, and they are legendary! 

"bapak yang bersalah..bapak yang membesarkan sazali dengan penuh kasih sayang dan kemewahan. segala kemahuan sazali bapak turutkan. segalanya sudah terlambat!!"

Now, people, this is how a watak kurang ajar is done in the legendary way.

True, there will never be another such great artist. But just what is wrong with our people , the Malays, to have treated him with such disrespect and devalued him during his post-Singapore days. He came back to develop local film industry and they treated him like they would the lepers. When he passed away, they awarded him Tan Sri and this and that, like they were glad finally nobody would steal their spot light and shit. 

I am so sorry, deeply saddened and full of regret by the way he left this world, poor, despite the many movies and songs, probably feeling defeated, alone, having not completely accomplished his dream to the fullest.  

Nevertheless, the Malays will never learn. Dengki khianat is too deep within them. History seems to be on its way of repeating itself with the way Tun Mahathir is being treated nowadays. When he is gone, when we will be cursed with rubbish leaders, maybe then we'll know? I don't think so. 

Tiada kata secantik bahasa 
Untuk ku puji adinda 
Tiada gambar secantik lukisan 
Nak ku tunjuk perasaan.

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