Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Your body language shapes who you are - Amy Cuddy

I was just viewing this TED talk about body language, how it shapes who you are.

Interestingly she touched on the subject that all of us can relate to – Job Interview.

‘Clinical tests’ were done on interviewers about what’s driving them to hire a certain people, she concluded,”It’s not about the content of the speech, it’s about the presence that they are bringing to the speech..”

Your presence when you are with your friends, the friends who are comfortable with you, that, is your confident presence, present this same confidence in your interview.

Sometimes, interviewer feels like the candidate lacks that little something…which in turn becomes the decision factor..well, those little somethings are below:

We know that our minds can change our bodies…but, the following is also proven to be true:

What if you say, “It feels…fake.”

Well, FAKE it till you MAKE IT! Till you say, I have become this. I am doing this.

I strongly suggest you spend some time on this TED video.

Humans are made to evolve. If we expect ourselves to ‘stay the same’ at a certain age, it will be harder to be in sync with the rest of the human beings around us. Changes alter relationships, but changing together and celebrate each other’s differences is what matters.