Saturday, October 24, 2015

Making A Wish.

My crowd is too defensive or blank for yours truest.
Please, impress me with your talk, knowledge, be cleverer than me by all means, don't be too modest. Challenge my stance, move me to agree with you. Have a conversation with me. I need that to be alive.

But keep in mind, small minds talk about other people. 

To be or not to be? To be.

27 Things You Need To Do b4 You Settle Down

Inspiring. Regardless b4 or after settling down. You should be able to reward yourself and not feel guilty about it. Even if rewarding yourself here means working for a goal that seems to be only about you. But reaching that goal actually gets you in touch with yourself and then, believe it, will raise your confidence to face more challenges. Oh, there will always be bigger challenges.

Watahel, they won't understand. It's like talking to a wall. Almost literally, blank eyes unable to respond. *cricket sounds* They'd say i don't understand them instead. Some would start praying for a wedding kompang for me.

I mean, yes, share your whole life with other people, I know that is you on auto pilot right now. But once in a while, just don't forget who you were, don't lose yourself. You can agree with finding romance back into a relationship, it's the same, find yourself back, something that makes you, you.

Also remember this, on my birthday, pray for my health n happiness. Not specifically for me to 'semoga cepat2 kawen'. I'd rather you pray for heaven for me. That's the bigger thing in life. Not getting married. Whatever you think I am missing, frankly, it is a choice.