Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The mega sale carnival

So, the mega sale carnival for this year finally begins, and the 1st day was on Saturday last weekend. Not that this is a much awaited event in my calendar but hey, a change in environment sometimes is a feast for the eyes. Unlike last yr (or for the last 2 yrs maybe) the carnival was 3 times a year..april, august and december..if im not mistaken. Then the businessmen complained and gov changed it to once a yr but the event is within 2 months’ time. Id really like to see, how things will be compare to last time.

I went out with a friend on that Saturday, to megamal prai n pacific but it felt like going out on a weekday..the store was under renovation in a few places and they hanged about 5 or 6 small, ignorable, mega sale banners. We were thinking, this doesn’t even look like a Saturday…let alone a mega sale day…weird..but I know IKEA and IKANO held an offer on that weekend..dats all I know about things in KL. Whadda heck, I’m more concern with the northern region.

Anyways, aside from that, the PC fair is going to happen within the same month. I have to say that I am more excited waiting for the PC fair next two weeks. I’d really like to compare the items they’re going to offer with the previous ones. One thing for sure, I’m not falling into a made in china mp3 players.. I bought one for my sis and we found out that..

1 – the quality is different.. some functions does not work after some time
2 – the feeling is different.. definitely.

I’m thinking of getting a dvd burner, sound card and graphics card for my pc..i hope they wont cost me more than rm300.. budget.. budget.. last pc fair on april, my budget was tight, I opted for a dvd combo instead..now that I have fully utilised the thing, I am not satisfied.. mom might say I wasted on it in the 1st place.. but I think it’s worth it.. as for the graphics card, I really really hv to get one, I mean, my AMD 2.0gig processor is such a waste if I don’t test it with games, rite! Hmm.. I might help myself with an extra RAM.. who knows, rite?

P/s : AMD is bullshit. It’s powerful yes, but almost all my other hardwares flunked, even my power supply, can u imagine, I had to invest in casing with xtra fans and what not because of the over heating problem.. does anyone think or feel I am exaggerating here?

Much ado about the mega sale carnival, I’m looking fwd to check on sum of the branded stuffs,
Here goes my list
1. nike dry-touch cap ; normal price rm59 no discounts so far this yr

2. timberland boots for ladies.. mind u ; normal price rm500, 20% is the highest discount offered in gurney plaza parkson store, before the sales. My fren has been dying to hv one. Esp the one with the brand at the back of the shoes…ooh.. the feeling of unbelievable and envy eyes on them when u’re riding the escalator… hahahaha.. it’s good to feel naughty sometimes (p/s : riding? Is it correct?)

3. I don’t know, maybe scholl sandals for my parents’ 26th anniversary. Mom used to hv one, and she loved it and still r’bers it until now. So, like the credit card add, ..the look on your loved one..priceless..

4. Those electrical stuffs for my house.. I have a list of the must have stuffs, but of course, just want to see how much they would offer during this time of the yr.. would it be of any help if the tokeh already recognized me?


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