Sunday, December 29, 2019

New Year in Chiang Mai - part 1

I am here in Chiang Mai solely for the New Year, thanks to the very encouraging write up by

I've always been curious with the mass lantern release experience. Whenever I heard anyone mentioning a personal experience of being in the middle of it I'd tend to lose my cool, get one step excited and insisted them on narrating their feelings on it. Well now I'm here, and we're about to find out in three days' time. Meanwhile, let's narrate a little bit on my journey to Chiang Mai, the largest city in northern Thailand.

From Penang Airport (PEN), I transited in KLIA2 for nearly 2 hours before arriving in Chiang Mai Airport (CNX) two hours and 30 minutes later. 09:00 from PEN and 15:45 later in CNX (M'sia time).

Both flights were exceptionally smooth even the landings were beautiful. 

Oh, and I was treated to a free lunch on the last flight by the lady sitting next to me whose travel companion was helplessly asleep all the way. That definitely got me high in the vortex.

I arrived at the airport with the sky reflecting the kind of weather that reminded me of arriving in Frankfurt Airport in April. The kind of gloomy sky that is just about the right tone without losing all the colours of the rest that's underneath it. The kind that gets me excited to explore rather than the gloom that immediately affects the mood and makes you wanna stay in bed until the sun comes out again. (Then, there's also the kind that is so beautiful that makes you want to celebrate its beauty by staying under the covers, eventually went to sleep, and then waking up to the same weather still. The weather I wish for in heaven).

Enough about the weather.

Getting from CNX to the town was also rather smooth. It was only 5 kilometres away and cost me 100THB. Mr Prasong said he's the cheapest in town. He sounded sincere enough that I chose to trust my gut and hopped into his cab at once. I definitely did not forget to verify his claims at the first chance of an internet connection, and yes, his rate beats the GRAB rate hands down. We parked about 20m away from the place I'll be staying and he helped to carry my 10kg luggage all the way, before a lady working at the hotel took it from there.

Checking in was pleasant and the fastest ever, in three minutes dare I say. Since the building does not offer an elevator service, the same lady that carried my luggage from the gate immediately took it to the stairs once I got my key from the front desk.

Boy, was she damn fast running up three flights of stairs with me trailing behind, actually trying to keep up. I must say I was badly beaten, hands down. I offered to tip her, not exactly sure mostly for being both thankful or impressed but she refused, profusely, and ran back down the stairs faster than running up.

OK, fine, lady, I couldn't wait to get into the room too myself cause I was on the verge of losing all my breathing macho-control thing from running up the stairs anyway. This was the second time my fitness had been tested to the brim this week. I must say we need a lot of work on this. I immediately unlocked the wooden style door and stepped into the room immediately to catch my breath.

I've always thought a boutique hotel was a pleasant gimmick that is not exactly necessary. Never had the urge to book one before. I've to say now, I have a different feeling after I checked into Anoma Boutique House (Anoma 1). My vacation feeling was heightened the minute I was able to gather the setup of the room. It seems like everything was thoughtfully arranged with a cultural mood in mind. 

I have a small new epiphany now, what makes for a cozy stay during a vacation seems to be defined by the boutique quality of the place I'll be staying it seems. I'm definitely glad the designer did not overdo the whole theme or else I might have some sleepless nights.

The boutique house is a slim building in the middle of the Old Town, surrounded by other lodgings and it is not very busy but not too silent either. It's very close to the Ta Phae Gate and even closer to the weekend night market, 3 minute walk in one straight direction I've been told by the lady at the front desk. You can find many positive reviews on the internet about this accommodation place. As of this moment, here are some pictures of the room first. For now, I shall gather my camera and head out to explore. be continued.


Thursday, December 12, 2019

Being Charming

     If you've been to China House in George Town, Penang, you'll notice how narrow the corridor of this cafè is; and somewhere along this corridor, we were sitting minding our desserts when the usual happened quite unusually.

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Final Part: KL - Central Market

My travelling partner and I unanimously chose the Central Market as one of the places of attraction to visit in KL. It wasn’t because we have never been here, it was more to us being what I would like to call, the tourist-have-beens.

Who has not been to the Central Market back in its glory days in the 80s and 90s?

It was even part of the essential place to visit in any school trips to the capital city of Malaysia. The real reason we chose to make a couple of hours stop at Central Market is for reminiscing sake – of the times we were here with our parents, barely the height of their chests, still holding on to their hands. Recalling the times spent with friends when we were still in school uniforms for after school extra classes, or just a spot for meet up before the high-end shopping malls, Starbucks and the “20-Cool-Cafes in KL” trends began.

Back then, Central Market was the place.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Venice's Menace

The man took our picture leaning against the ponte and his partner did not seem very amused. Reason why at times I prefer to be exploring a certain new places by myself or in the company of other photography junkies. That way, we can possibly take all the time in the world, keeping completely to ourselves during the journey.

This is not the best picture I took of Venice from my trip 5 years ago, but this shot relates too very well with what I've come to learn today.