Tuesday, January 24, 2006

-19.5 Degrees Celcius


This is the lowest point we have achieved in Austria...so far..but the winter olympic goes on ;)
Was talking to one of the local colleagues..he was saying..the winter this time around is more extreme than they had ever faced in years..he can't even remember the last time they had so much snow in winter..

Local Colleague 1 : due to the situation in Russia, Austria is affected as well..it is forecasted that the winter will be prolonged till April...it will skip spring and go straight to summer..
M'sian Colleague : huh?? Skip spring..? Can mehhh? You can skip the season? I can't imagine wohh...! (she doesn't mind retaining her accent with the local colleagues here..)

Well, the news on tv has been reporting on the conditions in russia.. -30C..looks pretty bad..it's freezing everywhere...people are using their ski-ing 'tools' to 'walk'..but the lowest here in Austria will be around -20C...

kavitha :
Malaysia's weather is warm and sunny as asual !
I'm freezing in my office here even tough it's only 17 degrees celcius..I can't imagine -20..how you guys survive there? Do you go outdoors? Does the vehicle start?

Good questions, really..

It is sunny..u know..surprisingly..u have to put on ur sun glasses to drive at noon till 3pm..but it aint hot..very cold..like..it's biting ur bones..(can I say that..but its like that..) ur face freeze..u cant laugh too much..and when u talk,u will notice that ur jaw jadi keras sikit if u are exposed outside of the building for an hour or so...and ur fingers...very painful...sangat sakit..imagine this..hold an ice cube in ur bare hands for a while and see how painful it gets..your toes..id say I am very very lucky to have invested in a pair or timberland boots..they may not save me from slipping..but they surely keep my feet away from the biting cold..the cold does bite..trust me..it is very,very mean...and my nose is still bleeding from the day I arrived here till today..not too much..but a lil bit..(me la..i don’t know about other ppl..) ..i've developed acnes on my face..even worse than the last time I was swimming at that dirty public pool...i'd go out for lunch at the canteen..walk in the sun..and in the cold for about 10mins and when I wipe mu face with a wet tissue, it is so dirty..now im not taking my face for granted..but still, my extra care is just u guy's daily care at home..toner and moisturiser..hahah! And ur skin at the other part of ur body..man..u have to apply a lot of moisturizer...i mean, the skin on your whole body...(think of your nipples too, fren..)..it's flaking..and it hurts..when u take ur bath or sometimes when it comes in contact with ur clothes..and yea..ugly..but no, I haven't reached that stage, my dear..

The local guys are saying that they are not used to this kinda weather as well...as opposed to what we used to think that, hey, since they live here then it is not that bad for them..but hey, it bites them as bad...and half of the office are catching cold n fever..four of us malaysians are still holding on..one of my colleagues was saying.."must be the chillies we eat at home.." hahah!

And yea..the vehicles do start...europian cars..damn...they are so tough..u can feel dat if u test drive savvy u know..i did like 150km/h at the autobahn..well, italy was not freezing..so..speed up..!! I've driven renault scenic and laguna..now im driving VW passat wagon..wagon...sgt x best..all cars are using diesel here...and the price/liter changes everyday..u know, something to do with gas in the EU..i don't know...and diesel..that must be why I developed them acnes..somehow, u don’t feel the dirty air u inhale..u know..but it's quite dirty..it's like..its cold and the air couldn't really move..it's stuck at the earth surface...(maybe not as dirty as in m'sia..but the fact that the air is not as free flow as in m'sia..so..u know..)

Above everything else...i love looking at the fashion in stores...shopping, window or real shopping...itu mmg wajib..the jackets..ladies and men, mind you...and the boots..man..if u're a boots lover then u'll go crazy...and so far..i'm not complaining much..just 'feeling' the season..u know..and live to tell for you guys..

Above everything else, can't wait to go home really..

HAH!! There I let it all out!

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