Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Brain freezing cold..!!

dats the heater the kitten is holding on.
the same kinda traditional heater i have in my room here. forecasted by the weather report on the radio yesterday, yeah..the temperature hits below -20C this morning..and it's -23.5C..i have always been wearing only my tee and jacket..but today, i have my sweater on as 3 layers when i'm outside the building..

my tonsil is beginning to feel the effect of the cold..i took extra precautions..early..don't want it to interfere with my work..(although both my mentors have been on MC for a week and 3 days now..)
was walking fast from the parking lot to the building this morning..felt the mucus in my nose breathes was that of a dragon's..i've got my fever 'delayed' twice so far..i hope i can have it 'delayed' again..

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