Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Prayers and faith

If God answers your prayers, he is increasing your faith. If he delays,he is increasing your patience and, if he doesn't answer, he has something better for you... So always be happy in what ever comes your way
new car..
new job..
new house..

plenty for me to handle..i don't think i am ready to face it if everything is taken away from me..and yet, i'm still asking for more..things i don't think any ordinary people would ask it too much of me..

..keep the faith..and keep on praying..


Lana said...

you didnt add.. new year, or new look to compliment all the new stuffs mentioned?? kidding.. you're good just as you are, so dont change.. ermm.. dengarnya dah slim..ekhem!!

j1da said... year,yes..but new look..naah..i'm still being me..without them sport shoes but with boots this time..cant help it..i have to save my toes from the biting cold..

one more, mana ada slim..loose sana sket..sini sket..u guys xkan perasan lah..i yg pakai baju, i perasan la..sikit2 ja..unfortunately, i am quick at adapting myself in a new environment, so food-intake wise..not much has changed..x jumpa yg itu-yg ini..substitute dgn yg lain..susah jugak ada good problem solving skill nih..heheh..

anyways, "you're good just as you are, so dont change" --> thanks! ;)