Friday, January 13, 2006


Villach, Austria
13th January 2006

I bought some eggs earlier this, plenty of eggs actually, considering they're for me alone..(but the due date is up to end of this month, so, no big me a lil trouble carrying eggs during the weekly grocery shopping..)

Anyways, I stuffed the 15 biji eggs into my bag..(they don't provide plastic bags mind you..nor paper bag..u have to carry them or use your own bags..) and last night, when I was making dinner for my ownself, I cracked this one egg and to my surprise..

Well, actually, the egg has been cracked in my bag, but due to the cold weather plus the refrigerator, it turned into, hard-boiled egg..or rather..hard-cold egg…
And second encounter is..i love orange…limau chinese new year so I called, I can eat them like eating, I bought a bunch of them oranges…well, is orange right…but to my surprise's purple in colour....but tastes the same..lucky..


Ayu Ikhwani said...

Hehehe.. lawak tul la! So in the end, how DID you cook the egg?

Btw, tak find out ke if purple oranges are a norm ka dak? Mana nak tau, depa dok experiment with food engineering ka :-)

*Ayu gila dok psycho orang!*

j1da said...

speaking of the purple oranges.. whatever that they are experimenting..byk yg dah ada dlm perut aku..but now i stopped..too much oranges can cause diarrhoea, dats what a dear fren told me, read up somewhere, yea, it's true..

i dare not risk the possibility of getting diarrhoea way..

so ada byk lagi purple oranges tu kat kitchen..

about the eggs, i 'kupas' the shell mcm kupas teloq rebus..then letak dlm mangkuk tepi the electric stoves while im cooking something else..lama2 dia cair but it didnt really melt, u know..ada part2 ttu yg keras mcm kita letak dlm peti ais kat rumah..(but the thing is, this is not even in the fridge, this is in my kitchen..huh) lama sgt nk tunggu, aku letak balik dlm fridge..asyik keluaq-masuk fridge..aku buang dah pon.. :-s

un said...


j1da said...

apsal awak CIT saya un?, jgn marah yer saya x bgtau pun pasal my job so on..bak kata ayu, saya low profile..xdak sorang pun yg tau pasal my new job n the training here in europe..hehe..unless org tu baca my blog, dia tau lah..

awak tak kisah kan..hehe

p/s : ayu ibrahim, kak rozie..sumer xtau...

un said...

no laa.. but i'm proud of u la...hehehe, bleh carik bf austria..:)

j1da said...

bf austrian..heheh..
1 - x bersunat..
2 - mkn babi..ish..depa nie makan babi heavy chinese colleagues pun x tahan asyik dok mkn babi..