Monday, November 27, 2006

am i really?

i think, it's not that i am not a morning is more to what i am waking up to. saturday, i slept at 5am and woke up at 9am and stayed up till 12am...and the next morning, sunday, woke up at 8am, no problem.

now i really think it is what i am waking up for..obviously, i am not enjoying the work. and i really believe that the professional tennis players wake up and make money out of their hobby/fav past time/fav game. footballers, yeah, they too.

now what would be the thing that i would love to wake up for?
i really have got to do something, i hate the fact that i have to abide by the 8am-5.15pm rule, and sometimes have to curi2 balik at 5.15pm just because either my boss is still around and there are some other bloody idiots who would call me after that. so much for a monthly RM50 taxable subsidy for the phone bill, now my phone number is displayed for anyone to call at anytime, not to mention, i am obliged to answer them. fuck. (at first it was ok, until i got my yearly review result, then go to hell)

4 more bonuses coming up next year, i have got to do something quick.

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