Tuesday, November 21, 2006

checking my time

i feel like, reading..getting myself lost into some stories and then talk about it.
the problem, i just can't find the right topic of my interest..and i've tried spending a couple of hours in mph browsing thru books..but i still tak jumpak yang sesuai..should i try for another couple of hours.

thing with me is, i don't just read anything, i did that when i was younger..but when i have a lot against the stuff i'm reading or it is just plain uninteresting..then, it would just be a waste of my time.

same thing as i don't really watch tv, unless if there's something really worth watching. apparently, not much. so, what have i been doing with most of my time then??

check check !!

  • cook - no!
  • embroidery, sewing or anything as such - no way!!
  • music - the only time is in the car..but dats not always..just 10mins to work..baca2 apa2 yg patut pun btr (chewah).
  • movies - not much..except for weekends, no hbo, other than astro..u gotta be kidn me. i even read the reviews before going for a movie or watching them on tv.
  • tv siries - no, i'm not getn myself tied to certain period of time or more precisely, tied to a certain day or time just a tv program. no way. sounds like a true free spirit i am huh.
  • computer/tv games - wait till i get ps2. ps1 is so out of date. shh..nvr tell anyone i only hv ps1!
  • internet - as i said, only at work..wait till i get my streamyx.
  • spending some quality time with a person - well yea, i do this..a lot. BINGO ! (phews)

ok, weekdays..

6.45-7.00 : get up, pray, switch off all lights
7.00 : hot bath
7.20-7.35 : lie in bed, kooling down, get ready for work
7.35-7.40 : it actually takes 5mins to do all these - outside the house..turn on engine, lock door+grill, drive out the porch, close the gates. drive off to work
7.50 : parking space.
7.50-7.57 : walk up the hill
7.57 : scan in
7.57-8.03 : change shoes, take the elivator, reach my desk
8.03-8.05 : fix the laptop, attach cables.
8.05 : wana, jom bfast !!
8.30-1800/1830/1900 : work, work, work, work..lunch, work, work, work..
1900-1930 : grey area..adjusting the mind from work to after work
1930-2100 : dinner, brief socializing..catching up with something other than work
2100-2200 : hot bath..too tired to do anything else.

am i getn older? i can hardly stay awake at night.

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