Thursday, November 09, 2006

when i was very young..some 20yrs ago, i sincerely prayed to God so i wont get married when im older, because i wanted to look after my parents..

i still have the same prayers..

for some reason, considering a lot of things i have in mind and things that i see, i read, i feel, i don't see marriage as something i'm looking forward to..i am not keen..i am not interested..

i'm not traumatised..i just see marriage as something yang...tak menarik.

Still, things happen at God's will.


Ayu Ikhwani said...

I won't go as far as tanak kawen hehe.. gatai gak nak kawen ni.. but jodoh tak sampai lagi je.. Don't you just hate the questions thrown to us bile balik kampung.. I imagine you kene lagi teruk la sbb dah keje.. at least I can still use the excuse, "Tengah belaja lagi la"

Looks like I kene sambung PhD la plak pas ni untuk elak those questions kan.. aiyak!

Just a word for you.. though my parents have a what you may call a 'tak menarik' marriage (not even living together dah ni :( ), I guess I'm still hopeful I won't be like that.. really² hoping for it coz before my father married again, I loved watching my parents..

j1da said...

sorry bout ur parents, ayu. but even so, im sure there is still so much love among ur family members (not that im saying we dont have any)

but, seriously, ayu...marriage is so mainstream..i sgt2 tak terasa langsung..sombody might say that i would be lying, probly previous bad experience get into this..but no..i just dont feel like it. u cant just do it when u dont feel like commitment and then what..?

but im not against it. there is nothing wrong in hoping for the best in ur future. good luck ;)