Wednesday, January 03, 2007

picture : courtesy of ayu's blog

something i have got to say...from the very beginning of the introduction of the movie, from the preview on tv, from friends' review and from what i have read...i don't think i can bring myself to watch the movie...perhaps not just yet.

yes, ayu is right, there are 2 normal stories...the KL menjerit all over again and the rich met middle class couple, bosan..bosan..zaman laila majnun nie (but we can't deny the fact that this happens and can really be a pain if it happens to you).

so, the rest of the stories, i know i would be especially touched with the scene where the husband has to let go off his wife, because, her feelings are just not there anymore. i would immediately put myself in his and her shoes. i'd feel sorry. i'd feel sad. i'd feel the hurt, it would hurt so bad if i dwell too much and not able to get myself out of the sentiment. i can't blame the wife, it is not her fault that the feeling is not there anymore. it's like's all destined to be that way. (somehow, no matter which junctions you turn in to, you will eventually end up with the destiny God has set for you). she has to get out, it hurts to lie to yourself. and i certainly feel sorry for the husband, despite everything that he has done, it's true, love could mean, letting go.


Ayu Ikhwani said...

Jida.. p la tgk cita tuuuuu :)

j1da said...

bila la nk tgk..tunggu dvd lah..heheh