Saturday, February 10, 2007

Czech President Klaus survives Roddick's serve

OSTRAVA, Czech Republic, Feb 9 (Reuters) - Czech President Vaclav Klaus's bodyguards are trained to dive in front of bullets to ensure his safety. But apparently that does not apply to tennis balls as well.
Klaus, sitting in the front row of the Czech Republic's Davis Cup tie against the United States, was on the receiving end of a serve from
Andy Roddick, owner of the fastest serve in the game today.
Roddick's blast bounced up and hit Klaus, an avid tennis player himself, in the chest. The president was unhurt in the incident. Roddick played on unaware.
"I didn't notice that," Roddick said, smiling when told about the incident.
"But I said in warm-up that most of the time, there's a net behind the wall and I saw that this one (arena) didn't have one, so someone might be dodging some tennis balls today. But I promise you that it was nothing personal." Roddick, who holds the record for the fastest serve at 154 miles per hour (247.8 kmh) added insult to injury by going on to beat Czech
Ivo Minar in the match.

Roddick, who holds the record for the fastest serve at 154 miles per hour (247.8 kmh)…(tennis) -- that is like an F1 car speeding on a straight road..

1. how are u able to see where the ball is going?
2. imagine the high momentum the ball carries at that kind of speed. how would u sustain the pressure if u managed to hit or even 'tahan' the ball with your racquet?
3. what about long term injury on your arms and hinges and joints and tendons and muscles?


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