Saturday, February 10, 2007

My experience with Streamyx service

finally, after a lot of troubles, i managed to get my streamyx up and running. i don't even know where to begin, but let me try my best..

1. i registered online on12th DEC 2006. i am infact entitled for a month rebate for registering online.

2. Request processed with Error Result - Sorry, the service could not be provided. Please visit the nearest Kedai Telekom for more information. Checked with tmpoint, told that they need to setup new points at my housing area, and streamyx centre will be calling me.

3. 10th Jan 2006, saja2 check my application online. - Request has been successfully processed on 20th Dec 06. Bloodyhell. Nobody called. Went to tmpoint, get the self installation cd and details on my registration. Bought my ADSL modem+router from pcdepot.

4. Self installation did not work. called tm support, 1300889515, 3 times for 1.5hrs, each time different support person, each time i need to explain my problem and each time these support people will ask me to try the same thing. lodged 2 reports, i don't know why the 1st report was closed where else there was never a successful connection.

5. 19th Jan - went to test at pcdepot. it worked well, managed to connect for 1min (as being told by one of the streamyx support person) paid rm15 to pcdepot (for nothing). came back home, again, it did not work. printed everything on the internet on streamyx troubleshooting. suspected a problem with the bloody port from my house to the exchange server.

6. 25th Jan - got an IT guy from work to test the connection using the router at his house. came back tomorrow, it worked just fine at his house. it didnt work at my house.

7. FEDUP. going to cancel streamyx. waited for a few days to calm myself down or else i'd be quite verbally harsh to these streamyx technical support guys. i am not going to repeat myself over and over again on those dumb tests, ( ur modem power on? OF COZ YOU NIMROD !! ). this is supposed to be something very easy, i have been setting up LAN connection for my friends in my study years for God's sakes. why would i chose to do the setup by myself if i can't even tell if the modem's power is ON or OFF. fucking idiots.

8. 8 feb 07 - a call from another streamyx support - "we're sending a technical support to your house to troubleshoot the problem, when will be the best time..bla bla.." OK, that is it. if this time won't work, i am so gonna cancel this bloody streamyx.

9. 9 feb 07 -
technical support - oh, your account has not been activated yet. i just received an instruction from tmnet to come to your house and activate your account. (while showing the official instruction form from tm dated 9th Feb 07).

i was like - hello, one of the support guys activated my account for me and i even confirmed the activation via sms, (showed him the sms, stated that my acc has already been activated), plus, tm able to detect my 1minute connection at the shop, under my ID. what do u mean when u said my acc is not activated, man??

technical support - saya pun xtau lah, tapi saya baru ja terima instruction nie. mmg mcm nie pun, kami contractor akan terima instruction suruh mai test and check kat rumah setiap pelanggan streamyx baru. saya baru ja terima benda nie hari nie. and your bill akan start from today onwards.

i was like - whadt?! i dah dapat la bill for this month, since last week! took out the bill and showed him.

technical support - saya pun pelik la. mesti ada error ni. take a copy of this official instruction form from tm with our signature of confirmation on your account activation, and lodge a complain on this at tmpoint.

Bloody tm level of service. are they going to pay for my phone bills for calling them for nothing? are they going to pay for my rm15 paid to pcdepot for nothing? my petrol? FUCK TMNET !!

i wonder if they even remember about the one month rebate online registration.

p/s : not only tmnet, celcom is just the same. don't get me started on that part of tm pulak.

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