Tuesday, March 13, 2007

my personal opinion on..

Bridge to Terabithia.

I watched this movie last weekend. planning to watch 300 but i had my 17yr old sis tag along and 300 is 18PL so..i opted for Bridge to Terabithia.

Wathing this movie makes me wonder somehow, infact, it makes me, somehow...believe that there are actually things that i can do that give me better satisfaction than doing a desk job like what i'm doing right now.

It doesn't makes sense at first, but i thought, it's a kids' movie so whaddaheck, leslie (the girl) and jess (the boy) close their eyes but have their minds wide open and create their own fantasy world. i was watching the movie assuming that it is just another kids' movie, but as i continued with the story, i noticed that the characters began to talk about stuffs that i did not talk about when i was at their age. it's about their minds at their age..it really gets to my interest.

jess - asks leslie about her scuba diving, like the essay she wrote in class.
leslie - she never went for scuba diving in her whole life..she just,..made it up.
jess - "so, you lied?"
leslie - explains that it is not a lie and that she made that up and that it's fiction.
hm..true. lies are accepted in fiction. Jess saw it as a lie coz everybody, at that age, writes an essay focusing with whatever that they see and do in their daily lives or watch on tv. but Leslie, she was already writing fictional stories...
"..and then i realized that i'm running out of oxygen in my tank, i can't continue to explore the beauty underwater any further..but then again, that's the beauty of it..."

jess - asks leslie about what her parents do.
leslie - they work at home, they're both writers.
jess - makes a conclusion saying that that explains how leslie is good at writing
leslie - "your father works at a hardware store, but do you know anything about hardware?"
jess - "no"
leslie - stresses that, it's not about your parents that makes you who you are. it's you, yourself.

Neat. And they have their own tree house, which they rebuild and decorate together. It becomes their secret hideout after school everyday. Kewl. No one bothers.
Both of them develop, not only some quality playtime but also quality things to talk about. They don't have to be engaged in kind of formal discussion like a session in the class, they were just talking while walking in the forest or sitting in their tree house, very spontaneous..(my type of best original screenplay in a movie)

And then there was a part where they wrote a false love letter, pretending to be the coolest boy in school for this girl-bully everybody hates (she imposed a dollar for the girls to use the toilet).

This really made me smile as i used to write false love letter to a girl in school whom we dislike the most when i was just about their age too. I was really enjoying the movie..

Until the girl died. Tragic accident.

Then begins the part where the boy had to deal with the sudden loss..back to being alone..no one to talk to..she was not there sitting beside him in the school bus..she was not there behind him jumping from the school bus..their tree house suddenly looked 'dead'..he shouted for her in the forest..couldn't take the loss..he squeezed the colour pastels she gave him for his birthday in the river which took her life..everything seemed to be unreal..like the very brief week they spent together was like a dream...this part really strike me..as i said, i was really beginning to enjoy the movie..Damn, i was really enjoying watching their friendship and it really hit me when they had to kill the character. I felt the loss too. Amazing. I can't remember the last time a movie has such impact on me. I am sure glad i watched this movie.
Read on the comments and see how many people are really touched and actually cried over this movie. Gosh, people are gonna remember this movie, for real.
It's the brief moment that they have made me wonder, what am i doing here at work? blank. and i certainly don't feel content. is it just the nature of being human, not to feel content? but it's not that i want more. i just don't feel it and i wanna do something else.

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