Friday, May 30, 2008

My new boss.

Apparently, my second job is rather berhantu. The fact that me and my partner, the first two hires, share the same birthday on, 06.06, and then come a new one with a birth date of 07.07, we have also been changing our boss for the fourth or fifth time within the last 2 and a half years.

I mean, how often do you change a boss? More over within a very short number of years, lesser than the number of bosses you had? Well, I have had 2 guys and 2 ladies managing our department of 3 people. It's either we're too tough or too-less challenging trio on board, i am not sure.

There has been speculations for the past 3 weeks on who will be our next manager. It's quite tormenting i would say especially when there are 3, 4 eligible candidates and we are discussing on the pros and cons of having any one of them managing us. Some of the discussions are on the individual itself and some on their background. Two candidates from reporting..not so good as we've always had some kind of negative vibe from reporting side..they just always have a lot of fancy requests, which results in us modifying our setup, to accommodate to their various reporting tools. Unnecessary setup, and unnecessary email escalation and time spent on checking the source of the German word, "produktive" in the various systems with complex linkage amongst them, just because the right word should be in the english version, "productive". Gohd! Much Ado About Nothing. Like the word is causing a problem in their report or like lots could be scrapped or something. But as individuals, they are fun to be with.

Anyways, it's confirmed now, from a trusted source, the new boss will be a lady from the reporting dept, the lovely Ms Kam Ai Mei, i'm sayin', Come What may..

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