Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Beauty and The Beast - The Broadway Musical

With much anticipation, little expectation, and we get..satisfaction and excitement..with this show.

I bought the tickets online to this show, about 1 month earlier. Well, my brother's a CIMB click user, so he gets to have 15% off on the tickers price. Memang berkat being 'wasatiah', instead of being the typical me, an almost-high-end user (ahem) spending on the RM250-RM350 tickets, i opted for the RM150 tickets, and it turned out to be perfect..hehehehe...

With 15% off, we paid RM127.50. I've never been to a concert before, and I have always thought of going to shows with seated audience..height (ahem), harassments, theft (pickpockets) to me are issues in a typical standing audience concert.

The seating arrangement for the RM150, EEE63, 64, to me is the perfect spot.
It's a tiered seating, and we were at the 2nd tier, tho not much higher than the first tier. We get a clear view of the stage and the actors, we get to see clear synchronization of the backdrop change, the dances and the moves as well as the live orchestrated music under the stage. It was such an awesome experience. We thoroughly enjoyed the show. I would surely get this same seating next year. How else can I measure the perfection other than our satisfaction after the show, am i right?

The show tries to potray as much appearance and acts as from the cartoon version of the movie. We know that there is not too much animation in the cartoon version. No emphasis on talking animals or clumsy jokes. I guess that explains the type of audience in the show. There were couples, if not small groups of girlfriends in their 20s, not many kids turn up as it is a night-show and expected to end nearly midnight. And to our surprise, there were also a number or groups of guys, smartly dressed fit for clubbing, but hey, they were actually discussing about some of the scenes during the intermission in front of us. *Clap*Clap!

The first appearance was a quick scene from the prince and the old witch who transformed him into the beast. There were a couple of gimmick explosions on the transformations of both of the characters. It was brief, but quick enough. I could feel myself partially holding my breath for the next scene. (one of my favourites from the movie).

Then backdrop then quickly and smoothly changed to the famous Belle and Villagers scene. There were some fake 16th century houses made out of boxes i suppose, an old style well with a couple of stairs and scenery painting in the background. The initial appearance of Belle was welcomed with an applause of excitement from the audience. Dressed, looked, even sounded like Belle in the cartoon-movie version, the introduction song of the movie was lively and to me, it was a 3D/human performance depiction of my favourite fairy tale. I can't really explain the rare feeling i had in me and i can still recall that feeling vividly even until now, i was very much amused at how this opening musical act, Belle and the villagers, depicted in a live form at the KLCC Plenary Hall, too good that it brought some tears of amusement to my eyes towards the end of the act. As the song of the act ended, the audience gave a roar of applause, for quite a longer time than just a moment for an applause, and at that instance, this broadway musical has managed to capture our hearts. More and more expectation build up..

The act smoothly changed to the next continuation acts. The backdrops changed, more colourful characters introduced..Gaston and his funny sidekick, the dancers, just to name a few. The storyline continues with Maurice, Belle's father and his inventions. Quite a scientist he is, he was labeled a loony to the rest of the villagers and became a laughing stock. Along with his invention 'car' he proceeded into the woods where he got lost and accidentally stumbled upon an old castle. There is the castle lies the beast and his companions.

As we remember from the movie, not only that the prince was hexed, his assistants were also bewitched into taking the forms of some of the things in the castle. Here began the appearance of other favourite characters, the candle light, Lumiere, the clock, Cogsworth, the teapot, Mrs Pott and her child, chip, the tea cup as well as the wardrobe. There were also other characters added to the show for the dancers, the napkins for the ladies and cutleries for the lads.

Other memorable musical acts that received more thundering applause from the audience are of course, the theme song, Tale as Old as Time and There Must Be Something There that Wasn't there Before by Mrs Potts, Be Our Guest by Lumiere and of course, Gaston song.

In short, for all the musical performances, the synchronization of the dancers, background, lighting changes and orchestrated music are simply awesome.

How else can I express our amusement... Towards the end of the show, there was a technical glitch for about 2 minutes, as the Beast was going to be magically transformed to become the Prince, he was unable to be airlifted and turned round and round, up and down in the air, announcement came and curtains downed, from the crowd..there was no "Ahhh..!", no clutter of noises, but instead we were applauding and some whistling, giving support and showing that we have faith, fix it, it's gonna be good. Merely 2 minutes and the scene continued where it left off, together with another roar of applause. (I don't remember Malaysian crowd being such supportive)

We walked out, pleasantly satisfied, amused. The glitch enhances our support and satisfaction, only made the show better.

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