Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Why I hate Charging my Phones

Becoz i want my phone to be a reliable tool, and take it for granted. I have two phones for two different numbers, office and personal usage. Office usage - a sony erricsson - standby time 3 days, i'm thoroughly satisfied with this one but I don't fancy SE's lines of smart phone..they don't offer much choice. And for personal usage, supposedly to be more 'fun' than work - Nokia N95 - this model is actually killing my interest in mobile phones technology.

I'm comfortable with having to plug a laptop/notebook to the power chord but that's the nature of its usage, u see, u use the notebooks/laptops on a desk..and usually there will be a power chord nearby..u don't use ur laptops at bus stops, while u're walking, There are places which can enhance the joy of utilizing this piece of tool, if not ur own house, there's coffee shops, librabries and mamak stalls...with desks and tables, thus power chords.

Anyways, as for my N95, it boasts the line, "it's what computers have become", instead, by just using it for calls and hardly sms-ing..taking some 20 or so pics, it dies on me in less than 20hrs/day. (and no, i don't leave it running any applications on standby).

i haven't been using it for mp3 or web browsing or GPS yet. yes, i guess its true when they say, it's what computers have become..the mere 3 hours continous usage of a computer (laptop/notebook) requires it to be plugged to a power chord.

The fact that is it actually a phone for God's sakes..shouldn't it be conveniently mobile? 3-hours continous usage, how am i suppose to make calls and GPS-ing while i'm travelling? It's not practical at all.

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