Friday, August 15, 2008

Much ado about enlightenment.

My sis just enrolled in UTP. I find that, one of the things that never changed is how "Rakan Masjid" will try their best to go against a number of University events. I had the same experience in my university years, in fact, same experience once in a while until now. My ex-best friend for instance. Just why, oh why, couldn't these people approach in a more pleasant and ilmiah way? What is with the guerrilla way? If you nak berdakwah, bukan caranya bila dimulakan dengan bercakap pasal benda-benda negatif. Bukan caranya, bila dimulakan dengan pin-pointing other people's weaknesses, other people's bad things. Other events or celebration jahiliyah, perli-perli orang lain yg tak join majlis-masjlis agama. I personally do not think that it is right to start a dakwah or approaching your friends with stressing on how they live their lives. It's not that it is bad, but it is in fact will repel those around you from you.

Why not, start your dakwah, in your quest to fix your friends, with penghayatan kebesaran Allah? His Kursi. His givings, His forgiveness, His greatness. Start your quest dengan menghayati kebesaran Tuhan. Bukan cuba menghentam kawan2, terus tegur macam-macam, cakap banyak, buat banyak benda-benda lagho, makan banyak, banyakkan sembahyang sunat, jangan dok bergelak banyak-banyak sangat etc..sebab kita semua makhluk tuhan yg lemah. Memang we endeavour ourselves in all these things, any things that we feel to bring us joy. These are the things that fall into the grey area. (pakai tudung, sembahyang, adultery are some of the examples of clear cut rules, not in the grey area). For touching these things that fall in the grey area, kalau tak kena gaya, jadi sensitive, in the end, your companionship yang jadi unpleasant. Not everyone has seen the light like you thought/feel you do. So jangan la approach kawan-kawan style guerrilla.

Why is it so, that when a person thought that or feels like he/she has seen the light, (he/she) they tend to see themselves as superior than other people? The tudung bulat clad women, pandang org lain sebelah mata, or tak pandang langsung. (you thought you have seen the light..or maybe you are doing it out of boredom, most probably you will be sidetracked, majlis ilmu ke mana, apa ke mana when you are married and almost everything is about your spouse. daripada dok condemn wayang, husband punya pasai, aku nak tengok sikit, hampa p dak all these wayang, swimming, and shopping complexes? bukannya p terkinja-kinja di open air concert, bercampur+bersentuhan lelaki-perempuan. hidup mesti wasatiah. takdak salahnya nak p shopping complex or tengok wayang. The key is wasatiah, ada time kita tengok wayang, ada time kita ingat Tuhan. Sambil tengok wayang pun boleh ingat Tuhan jugak. Awat, sa-kata dah berjinak-jinak dengan majlis agama, dah start pandang orang lain tak sebagus engkau tu bagus lah??)

Do they really think that they have seen the light or by sharing some out of mainstream messages make them feel "lebih baik" than other people. I tend to sense positive or negative vibes around me, there are people who can approach us with sincerity, and there are those who..just can't trigger the positive emotion. I welcome goodness, I welcome information, ilmu, there are 'majlis agama' that I enjoy, but I just despise the feeling of negative vibes i get from certain type of individuals.

I strongly belief that there is a difference is seeing the light and still searching for the light. Many may not realize it. But if ever, you thought you are superior than one single person, then, my dear, you have not seen the light.

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