Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sorrow, Success and Friends.

I recently put up a quiz in my facebook...

"True or false? It takes a good friend to share your sorrow but a greater one to share your success. "

It just so happen that all my life, I have been surrounded with friends who would gladly share their crying shoulders for my sorrows. I thank for that.
And I have also had but many encounters with those who gave me their cold shoulders over some of my achievements, tho these achievements are not even the ones that would usually be the type that they would write down in history, it's the kind that everyone have experienced before. This would usually go back to during my study years with one of my study group members, after the exam results came out, I happen to have scored better, the girl actually totally ignored me when we pass by each other in a quite corridor once, I was even smiling at her . I have always hoped that I will never be alone with her anywhere anymore. Kinda tough coz we were dorm mates. I have never told anyone in the study group about that. That is one example that I will always remember, courtesy of my pre-U year.

I may not be a big achiever, but there are at some points that I think I have made quite a personal achievement, which just so happen, news spread and some became a public knowledge among close friends. Sincerely, I'd rather not share personal achievements even with close friends. Just to avoid a sudden silence after they 'insincerely' responded to your news, next thing you know, you could be isolated. No more ritual gatherings whatsoever. Cold shoulders, you know, you will never want to be in this situation. It's cruel, yea, but it happens.

The next time you wish for a shoulder to cry on, try to think if it's your sorrow that is making them feel better...

To AyuIkhwani, her surrounding is that positive that her friends rejoice around the success. Dear friend, these are the friends you would like to keep and I am sincerely happy for you. Reading your blog brings smiles to my face.

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