Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I have been eye-ing this phone for four years+, even before the V-series was introduced.


V3 - no memory card
V3i - too slim
V3x / V1150 - crazy about this phone first. But too expensive, RM1K+.
V6 maxx - now, I can finally buy...nevertheless, it's a motorola reconditioned product, made in Germany (at least not China).

I was waiting for a friend in Sunway Carnival one weekend, couldn't bring myself to go to Esprit Outlet, I might end up buying yet another pair of pants.

A thought came across my mind, telling me that maybe I can start looking for that Motorola phone that I have always liked, the V series. Besides, I have been using a dear friend's backup set as my 2nd phone for a few weeks already, I should be looking for a new one.

So in I went to each of the phone shops available at the 2nd floor. The one within my budget is RAZR V6 maxx and based on the reviews on the internet, this upgraded version is not bad.

I entered the last mobile phone store on 2nd floor. The one near the carpark. The salespeople were excitedly introducing me to Motorola V series. They themselves are using various V series. And they were especially excited showing the modding they did on their phones. Got me excited too. (fyi, we can mod our moto phones at

Cik guna phone apa sekarang?

OK, apa you punya number, I nk show you something.

Gave him my number and he started calling me from his V6, as he walked some 1.5m away towards his laptop. Turned on some disco-techno music at high volume.

Boleh jawab phone? Ok, jawab, jawab your phone.
As I'm answering..
Cik boleh dengar tak suara saya?


Clear tak?
Ya, ya, very clear Sangat clear a? OK, now tukar phone..

I took his V6 and my N95 was facing the pumping high volume techno music

Sekarang cik boleh dengar tak suara saya??..................

Oh dear, I was quite ashamed of my N95 at the moment.

There was a significant difference in the voice clarity of both phones in a very noisy backgound condition. His V6 could filter the noise excellently, tho the high volume disco techno sound is pumping at the back. Whereas, the music was annoyingly visible on my N95.

Other than that, there is the option to lock every application in the V6, just what I have been looking for. Ya, ya, you can download certain softwares that offer the same security function...but you gotta pay for that software. And it is usually in USD. Or else, you will get a just a trial version. Until now, I have not paid for any softwares for my N95. So, I would really appreciate a mobile device that offers a security option to lock my message box, my multimedia, even my phonebook. And this device offers a lot more than that.

Been in my hands for 6 days now. So far so good. I'm lovin it!

p/s : the plastic cover is foc. will come off once i accidentally crack it.

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