Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bubbles trip to UTP

Took Bewls to visit Siti and Belle at UTP.

Well, it was upon Siti's request actually. The cat was frightened all the way. Luckily she did not exactly panic throughout the 2.5hr journey. There were moments when she was meow-ing loudly in the car and there were a couple of times when she fell asleep from the tiresome panicking meow-ing. kesian sungguh.

We stopped at the Bukit Merah/Gng Semanggol rest area for brunch, breakfast cum lunch or vice versa. Too many people, we just tapau and ate in the car. Bewls had her meal also. Warm milk and kitty crackers.

Arrived in UTP 1.5hrs later, picked up both girls and here's where the interesting thing happened. Despite our attempt at pausing the journey at Taiping exit and place bubbles in her kitty litter box, she was still too panicked to give it a go, I guess. So, just as we started our journey ...**to be continued**

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