Wednesday, January 21, 2009

MYA Muffin

Ladies, my beloved friends decided to pursue their talent in baking as a side business and their pure interest lies in baking muffins.

They came up with the name, MYA muffin, which stands for, MazlinaYasminAzwana buddies.

Got me to thinking,

Kalau my other buddies joined the team … :

Za joined MYA muffin, Saliza --> MYAS muffin (nama gabungan masih cantek..)

Farah joined MYA muffin, Farah --> FAMY muffin (feminine la…)

KakLina joined MYA muffin, Roslina ---> ARMY muffin (machoooo)

Finy lak join MYA muffin, Syafiny --> SAMY muffin (kekekekeke)

Dar pun nk join MYA muffin, Darianie --> DAMY muffin (ala ala dame laaah…)


Kalau aku pulak join MYA muffin, Azida --> AYAM muffin !!


*ide2 sumbangan Azwana dan Azida

// For more info on MYA muffin, please visit their blog, MYAStory.
Various tastes of muffins, chocolate, vanilla, blueberry with multiple interesting designs and toppings available. They are also able to customize for special occasions, mother's day, father's day, football league club logos for fans, with chocolate chips and latest marshmellow toppings... Do browse and contact the ladies at the contact info in their website ;) //

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