Thursday, January 22, 2009

The boycott

So much about the hu-ha on boycotting US products. Calls have been made by Tun Dr Mahathir and fellow friends via e-mails and sms-es.

So, am I boycotting?

YES, I am.

Tho' there are those who think that our number will not make any difference, i guess they have forgotten about the power of consumers. Consumers bring US up and we can bring them down too. Those who think otherwise have also forgotten of the power of communication via internet. Remember how there was a hu-ha last time on Gardenia-pork issues? There's not a single shop that sells Gardenia bread in langkawi. I am not sure if this is an impact from the e-mailing or not but heck some big electronic companies in Kulim Hi-Tech Park do not have Gardenia supplied by their canteen/cafe vendors. Think about it.

It does not matter if you are muslims or nons. This already is a humanity issue. This is a humanity violation. Where is our humanity?

And to all muslims out there, for each meal you have in starbucks, McDonald's and the likes, imagine the percentage that goes to the donation of Israeli funds. These are the fundings that are used to buy and develop weapons of 'mass destructions' used against our fellow muslims. There are billions of muslims in the world. More than budhists and jews and hindus, but why are we not united? The small number of jews can cause such mass destruction on humanity. WHY CAN'T WE UNITE? Because of the pessimists who do not believe, keep on thinking, saying, stressing with pride that it is impossible. Is anything really impossible? Really.

Nevertheless, where is your responsibilities on humanities and people's rights to live? Much ado about them muslims throwing stones, glasses and materials compare to Phosphorus and Uranium bombs by the Israelis. How many Israelis killed compare to the Muslims? Much ado about the nukes in the North Korea. Who is using Uranium now?

It it not a matter of bringing US down. We know what can happen to us if their economy is hit. The point is, we should show them that we bring you up, we can bring you down, you better not mess around.

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