Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Becareful what you wish for

Many a time I have always thought of how (super) nice it would be if we have always had a 3-day weekend instead of two. Being a typical human being, nothing is ever enough.

Much ado about the rule of attraction. Your interests will project a wave for the universe to pull the things of your interests towards you.

But I have also thought of how (super) nice it would be to suddenly have a 1mil pound sterling. More than a lifetime to live. I don't understand what those super rich people do with multiple millions or billions of pound sterling.

Anyways, back to the top most point, with regard to the world economic downturn which is seriously affecting the electronic industries in the whole world, the company I'm working in has decided to take some cost savings steps and strategies to survive during this economic crisis. Also, with regard to my wish as stated in the top most statement, yes, I will finally have some 3-day weekends in the months of April, May and June with a compulsory 10-day leave measure from the management (not spoken in a joyous tone).

No companies are exempted from the wave of the economic crisis. Tho seems to be quite a drastic measure to implement an unpaid leave 'scheme', contrary to other companies where retrenchment and pay cut seem to be the popular version, I am blessed with the options within the scheme.

While 2 weeks shutdown is not an option as the costs and effort to bring the fab production back up is costlier than the shutdown itself, we are granted with the option of using our gained annual leave for the quarter of April, May and June. That makes up to, 4days of annual leave and 6days of unpaid leave. And instead of having the unpaid leaves within a month, we are given the option of taking the 10days off at our own schedule within the three months. The management felt that the flexibility given to everyone will be a better option.

To leverage on the impact of unpaid leaves on the pockets of my cargo pants, I have decided to average the 6days within the three months' time. That way, the air won't be so thin to breathe in. This is also when I will finally have a 3-day weekend wish on every weekend, in the month of May.

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