Sunday, February 01, 2009

She finally drinks !!

Bubbles buat perangai for two days already..since Saturday. She was reluctant to eat, or drink her fav Fernleaf milk.

All she was ever excited with is going outside, smelling the pavement, the lawn and eats grass. I have known that cats eat grass to throw up the furballs they swallowed. So ya, I can tolerate that.

At 3am every morning or rather..night, she'd be awake and running around the bedroom playing cat and mouse with anything that's lying around. Oh my God. The noise! But I have always comforted myself back to sleep telling that Bewls is one healthy active cat, and that is the best news.

Then 5am, she's hungry. Jumped on the bed, started meowing and biting the toes. Alright, alright...dragged myself off the bed, and walked down the stairs eyes half closed, half opened...together with Bewls.

So i pour half a cup of plain water, heat it for 15secs in the microwave and prepare the milk, pour both warm milk and some 30 pieces of kitty crackers into her separate plastic bowls. Bubbles in the meantime, meowing at my feet.

Her 5am meal is ready and placed in front of her nose. She sniffed both bowls, and walked away. "Whadda??" Then my eyes were really wide.

The situation went on from Saturday morning to Sunday. Not just for breakfast, at any meals. Just for the benefit of the doubt, even a dear friend took the liberty of preparing her meals for a few times, but never helped.

Last night, managed to get her to eat some of the my palm. An hour later, my patience was running thin. I mean, really, really thin. She's got to drink after the meal, right. And I served her, warm milk, rejected. Cold Dutch Lady chocolate milk, a few licks and that was it. F&N root beer and sirap ros next, tak pandang langsung. arrghhh!!

What is it that you want, Bubbles???!
What can I do to make you drink??

Meanwhile, I have been surfing the net..

My cat does not want to eat. My cat doesn't want to eat or drink.

The results are crazy. I was worried. Couldn't imagine what had triggered her not to eat or drink. Well, I know that she would eat off my palm for once, but that is just too dependent and too much.

So today, I bought a new type of food. Of a different brand and real fish in it. She just licked off the liquid but not chewing on the fish meats. i'm devastated again. Again, she only ate the crackers off my palm.

After the prayers, i started Googling. My cat won't drink water. How much water is enough for a cat. Clicked on a few pages, but hooked on this page. Many responsed with a lot of different yet interesting advice such as, Pick a handful of nect-scruff and watch how soon it settles back into place. The longer it takes, the more hydrated your kitty is.. and I tried most of them.

Take her to the vet - popular answer no doubt.
Dilute the food, Dilute. Dilute. Dilute! - tried a lil dilution.
Get it to drink from running water. - have not, but comtemplating on to.
My cat flushes the toilet by itself and drinks from the toilet bowl. Uhh, wouldn't want to give Bubbles that idea. It's a restricted place for her. But, Witty I'd say.
Get it to lick and ice cube - yes, tried this, and let it diluted with her fish meats.
My cat drank from a cup, like I do, who knows, he thinks he's human too. I know after sometime, your cat will copycat your behaviour, again, for the benefit of the doubt, i poured her drink into her milk cup, she was curious but still doesn't like it.

Last but not least,
Another suggestion would be to try a glass bowl rather than plastic; it doesn't hold old smells as much. Also, it should be a shallow bowl -- a cat's whiskers are sensitive and they often won't stick their head in a bowl if the whiskers brush the sides.

So, I tried this...prepared a new warm milk, poured into a perfect idea of a glass plate which I got for free from an electrical shop. Served it to her. She walked towards the new serving, just as with the rest, I prayed to God...and tadaaa !!

She finally drinks ! Oh, thank God, how glad I am...that she finally drinks.

Noticed the many types of meals prepared for her. Well, the ice cube had actually melted. Lucky, I got two of the same plates from the shop. The other one would be for her food. Tsk, glass plates? Kitty, kitty, wan has thought you well..

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