Tuesday, February 24, 2009

To Ahmad Patria Abdullah

Saudara Ahmad Patria should know how much your writing has affected many of us, your fans. I love your writing, very much! I came across your book in a local bookstore back in 1990, the title Permata Aurorius caught my attention. Read the synopsis and immediately bought it. Since I was a primary student and on monthly allowance, I was only able to buy the second book the following week. Until finally, I managed to collect and own DBP's production of all the 6 books. I am also glad to introduce and share Saga Artakusiad with my friends, some of which are also really hooked on the books as well while some would say that I wasn't making any sense when mentioning the names of the places and characters of the series. I just shrugged it off. They don't know what they are missing.

Later on in my teen years, I couldn't find any of Saga Artakusiad installments anymore. There were no internet at the time and I did not have any source to search for any news on the series. A local science magazine was introduced on the news stands rack, I began to follow your short science fiction stories in it, thus I know you were still around.

Tho' it has been 17 years since I first started on Permata Aurorius, I have re-read all the 6 books many times, anytime I feel like reminiscing the good old days of living in the fantasy world of Aurora, the lands, the people, the tribes, the warriors, the dragons, the wizardry and witchcraft and the love story nonetheless. I was restless, intrigued, on the edge, anxious with the storyline, and the romance is rather sweet, I could hardly put the books down.

After the end of the last book, Pedang Aurora, I was always been left with sadness and frustration. The war descends on the fragile allied troops, trapped within the valleys....but the story stalled at the 6th book.

Nevertheless, I have neither lost my interest nor faith. I hope you will keep the faith with the series as well. Looking forward to the new printing of Book 7 and Book 8 by DBP in May 2009. Until then, time for me to begin rereading the Saga Artakusiad once again.

Saga Artakusiad series :
1. Permata Aurorius
2. Kota Arialun
3. Kembar Artakus
4. Petua Azkram
5. Puteri Alindalia
6. Pedang Aurora
7. Lagenda Numerius
8. Putera Tamarodun

Website : http://www.artakus.my/

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