Thursday, March 19, 2009

I just realized

This year will be the last year I'll be in my 20s.

Oh my God.

Now that sounds so big when you put it that way.

But how should/does it impact me, really I wonder.

I feel indifferent but my mind thinks that I am embracing a new meaning in life. Woah. Now that sounds much bigger.

I have been taking things one step at a time. Don't want to miss a thing life offers at the very moment. 18 is the time to understand what relationship is all about, what's the fuss is all about, what caused this and what caused that and is the whole thing really worth it at all.
Then 21, while some or probably many set out for their career path, my aim was to secure a decent pay for life's typical basic needs of a middle income earner.
Then 25 is so cool as I set out to make myself heard. Lay out my rules, my wants, my life, me.

And now...reaching 30 next year and for the next 10years..given that I am not severely affected with the economic downturn,

1. I plan to study a new course of field and complete it of course.
2. I plan to decorate the house.
3. I am aiming for a sports car. Coz 40s in sports car is kinda out of place, although with that Hollywood is putting the effort of creating the image of 40s as the new 30s. I secretly hope they succeed tho.
4. I plan to learn 2 new languages.
5. My relationship with God, is of my business alone.

In philosophy, 30s is the time when we should spread out and do the things that are not tied to our social mainstream. While the social mainstream states that we need to finish school in our teenage years and secure a job in our 20s, 30s start a family, well I'm done with the mainstream pressure.

30s is the time for me to do what I want to do.

May the force be with me.

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