Monday, March 02, 2009

Our Helen

Nickname for my GPS device, thanks to K/Sharipah, Farah, Didirinie and Sapinie.

It's a product of GPS Bay and special offer to Citibank Shell credit card. The order arrived at my workplace just a day before we drove to KL. Godsend.

The idea we had initially was the device would arrive in at least another week's time to almost 2 months on the date of request order.

Well, I was imagining how God decided to make us girls happy by arranging for the package to arrive 24hrs before time of departure. Most of all, of how much or whether we, girls, would wonder and praise Him for the miracle.

We love it and impress with it at the same time. Seriously, the journey from Kelang Lama to Bandar Baru toll was filled with awe and amusement with the device. It recognized the Jalan Sg Ular and alternative routes to Bukit Merah. Along the way, Helen kept on reminding, "Please slow down, please slow down." I wonder if she is set with certain speed limits based on the type of roads we are at. I turned the speed warning off after stopping at Bukit Merah rest area. It was beginning to get on our nerve.

It is Godsend all right. It is able to quickly renavigate in case we took a wrong turn or chose an alternative route.

It's pretty handy and although there are those people out there posting all those funny and tedious requirements they have on a GPS of their choice in internet forums, I'd say bullshit. Are you that dumb with directions, seriously?

This GPS i have is more than enough. We drove, on 14th February, with 5 people in the car, from IKEA with my almost fuel warning Gen2, taking the shortest route, traffic jam in the middle of Bukit Bintang with my fuel warning car, some Chinese concert street celebration on the street (they have got to have a concert on the street jugak2!), curse the bloody hotel who rammed by car front lip, U-turn back to the entrance of the hotel, stuck in traffic jam, u-turn to the next hotel, stuck in traffic jam. Then at night, refuel the car RM20 in Bukit Bintang, drove to Danau Kota, traffic jam, back to Bukit Bintang, round2 Modestos and the district areas, traffic jam, the next day to Jalan TAR, Sogo, next day to KLCC..and we only stopped for refuel upon entering the hiway back to hometown on Monday late afternoon.

I am not really familiar with KL roads and expressways but this device made the journey somewhat a breeze (despite the jams). It is soothing that all i had to do was drive. My company of girls were also not stressed out on keeping their eyes on turnings or buildings or signboards, they just need to feast their eyes on the pondans scenes around Modestos.

A couple of things I would like to explore more on this device is Petrol stations and speed traps.

So far so good. I've been recommending the device to other people.

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