Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm highly allergic with parents who send their kids to pay for their stuffs, without lining up at the counter.
People should highlight these parents yg menjijikkan to the whole crowd, under a spotlight and get everyone to chant, "SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! "

KUDOS to those attending to the checkout counters for telling these kids to line up (a spat on their parents' face).

There are some 'smart' kids who happen to have gotten accustomed to this, started to 'excuse' themselves from lining up and pay for their chocolates or sweets. These kids should be taken to the authority/guards room to permanently traumatize these kids from cutting a queuing line !


athlete pose

model pose

maine coon pose

siap selak curtain lagi tu...

mood manja...miyaaaww...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Wana : you should write. books.
me : well, would you buy my books?
wana : uhh...maybe you can start with bookmarks..
me : hampeh.
Tonite, streamyx mcm b.a.b.i.

urgghh ! for downgrading myself at pronouncing that word. but dats how i would exactly describe streamyx.

2 seconds OK. and then the next 2 minutes down !

I am not exaggerating here.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kes si Bubbles dan kesan bulunya ke atas solat para penjaganya

A fellow close friend has enlightened us about the "fact" that a cat's loose fur may cause our prayers to be tidak sah (void). Because, a loose fur from an animal that is haram to be consumed is considered as bangkai (animal carcass).

Well, I had to say that I was a bit shocked and worried but at the same time intrigued as to why this information had never reached my knowledge before, of course knowing the fact that this is a hukum-hakam (rules) that is related to a very common activity such as having a pet, cat, at home, I mean, 3 in every 5 houses? I for once, strongly believe in, Islam is simple. Islam itu mudah dan memudahkan.

In fact, the hukum (rule) on neutering your pet is more widely debated and discussed. Much ado about neutering being haram, this particular loose fur is causing our solat menjadi tidak sah, man, this (!) this..should be widely discussed (at least) and made known to the muslim community.

Nevertheless, I began my quest for the truth this morning. Where else, googling. I just have to be sure. I have this one thing against the situation where these certain, gurus, yang suka meng-ada-ada-kan certain hukum for whatever reasons they have I wish not to express my annoyance here.

And based on my findings on the hukum within the institution of this country :

1. Jakim said, sah (non-void). Without any further explanation.

2. A more detailed outcome from a discussion done by a local blogger,
“Memastikan kedudukan nas-nas hadith yang bertentangan(antara yang menyebabkan berlakunya khilaf) dengan nas yang lebih kuat daripadanya sama ada dengan nas al-Quran ataupun hadith-hadith lain. Caranya ialah, dengan mengemukan sebanyak mungkin dalil as-Sunnah atau mentsabitkan ia dengan lebih sahih atau lebih menepati al-Usul dan lebih sesuai dengan hikmah(tujuan) tasyri’ atau lebih menepati objektif syariat yang umum dan menyeluruh.”
Diriwayatkan dari Abu Qatadah, di mana RasuluLlah s.a.w bersabda, ” Kucing itu tidak najis, ia termasuk haiwan yang berkeliling dalam lingkunganmu.” (HR yang berlima. Kata Tirmudzi:hadith ini hasan lagi sahih. Juga dinyatakan sahih oleh al-Bukhari)
With support of the hadith sahih above, our solat is still sah (non-void) within the presence of a loose fur of a cat.

Fellow blogger also mentioned that there is a possibility that Imam Syafie' during the time where he imposed the rule of a solat tidah sah due to the presence of bulu kucing (cat's loose fur), he may have overlooked the true hadith.

How is this possible according to him, is, Caliph Abu Bakar As Siddiq overlooked the 1/6 portion for a grandparent in "pembahagian harta dalam Islam (faraid)" even when he lived with Rasulullah and also one of those who are promised a life in heaven. He was corrected and he accepted and respected even more.

Same goes to Imam Syafie', tho' not promised by God a place in heaven, and especially when he did not live during Rasulullah's time, he was nevertheless our Imam and a scholar, but being a normal human being, there will always be a possibility that some things are overlooked during his quest for enlightenment.

Feed by Zali : Chaq, i agree.
"Berkata Imam Syafie Rohimahulloh Ta'ala, barang siapa taklid kepada orang tertentu di dalam mengharamkan sesuatu atau menghalalkannya sedangkan telah tetap hadis shoheh menyalahinya dan perbuatan taklid itu mencegah dia dari mengamalkan sunnah, maka sesungguhnya dia telah menjadikan orang yang ditaklidki itu menjadi Tuhan selain Allah Ta'ala, dia telah mengharamkan atasnya apa-apa yang telah dihalalkan oleh Allah. (Halil Muslim halaman 25)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Congratulations to ZaLiza

Over the phone conversation..

zali : mesti la abang dah bagitau dia...(spoken slowly and softly)
zali : ciss..

So the news spread, my brother's wife is now a few weeks pregnant with their first child after uhm...exactly 1 month of marriage.

tsk tsk tsk

Now siti is blaming herself and her friends, whom were the dayang2 on the wedding day, for forgetting to get a box of condoms for their wedding present.

And him, inspite of my sincere advise of..

"you guys should reward yourselves first and spend some time together just the two of you, jalan2, going places, watch late night movies, coming home to just the two of you...besides it's not like you already know when you are going to die so you just have got to make babies as soon as possible so you can actually watch them grow up and what not..furthermore..liza is now in KL and you're in Terengganu, she'd be like a single mother there until either one of you are done with your RM100k bond with Petronas. It is not an easy way out...she'll be going for checkups all by herself..she'll be having her morning sickness alone..."

despite of all the 'besides' and 'furthermores'...sigh.

and mind you, I actually repeat all my hujah like twice or three times...for crying out loud !

Maybe I should have added in, "you know, daddy was in US when mom was pregnant with me. Look what have become of me, too independent daddy just don't know how to deal with me." Who knew. Duh.

Oh, dear selfish brother, I pray for you to have all the morning sickness and cravings for the whole 3 months on behalf of your wife. Then I would take the privilege to yell, "hang nie buat malu kaum hang la, zali". Oh yes! Peace be upon you, liza.

menyampah kan? ngee~

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Non biological proof that we are related.

One day, I received an sms from my sis, siti, some 3 years ago, it sounded like this,
wow! i was in three states in two days! Perlis, Kedah and today, Penang! shh...jangan gitau mak ngn abah !!

And then, the next day....I received an sms from my brother, zali, who had just finished his final year and out on a fun day out with friends..and it sounded like this,
chaq, Ali p main bowling, first time baling, STRIKE !! jangan gtau mak ngan abah tau !


Let me explain. My parents, especially my dad, are control freak easily paranoid. We've heard of snatch thieves, raped and murder rampant on the news everywhere on tv, radio, papers, neighbours and friends, well, being paranoid as they are, the best solution is to not go out, at all. It is always the best solution if you were to stay at home. Avoid coming home after dark. Avoid shopping complexes anytime possible. So on and so forth. To make matters worse, add our natural disaster into the risk factor, road accidents. The less frequent you are on the road, the lesser the risk of road accident upon you. Simple as that. And to be more complicated, the less night driving, less risk of road accident, raped, robbed and murder risk on you.

So, now we get the idea of my parents not liking us spending too much time berjimba-jimba travelling especially sampai terlupa time and balik in any time greater than 7.30pm.

That should explain the text messages that I received from my beloved bro and sis. I am glad that they chose me to share their fun moments. Do continue. One of the best things in life.

Shared the above messages with Zali, he replied..
that's one non biological proof that we are related.

Good one, bro. You are always the one with the interesting insights.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I bought a small table for the clutters in the living room..

and this is the packaging of the table, a thick plastic bag letup2...

while i was busy arranging the small items on/in the table, suddenly, i heard a ruckus behind me...i turned, and i found..

bubbles in the packaging plastic bag, satisfying her curiousity..


and right..

yes, the bag was torn in a few places..i guess, dia sangat geram dengan benda tu...bising dan kenyal bila gigit/cakaq..

Hurray ! Congratulations to Wana!

Congratulations, Wana, On your new Home !!!

the house and car plate numbers kewl kan?
but it's not her car

Now we know why we have so many assholes around.

I was in Queensbay mall one fine weekend with a friend. We were walking towards the keropok lekor (fried fish snack) stall at the food court. In front of us were two ladies buying their keropok lekor. While we were queuing in line, all of a sudden an ignorant 8 year old boy cut the line and immediately ordered a bag of 2 ringgit keropok lekor. Behind him, rather 30cm beside us, stood his fat father, with a sheepish smile handing the boy an RM2.

We really couldn't help but openly spoke of this behaviour between me and my friend. Disgusting.

When the lady attending the stall was finally done with the two makciks in front of us, the boy, again, ordered for his pack.

Much to our surprise, the lady attending the stall, nicely told the little boy that she will be serving us first instead of him.

And the boy was, "Huh??"

The lady patiently smiled and explained that we were here in line before him.

Oh what a sweet revenge !

We immediately, loudly responded with, "Oh, terima kasih. Terima kasih banyak-banyak.".
"ya, ya, terima kasih, kak."

And guess what that fat-pig of father said to his son?

In his central-accent, "Adik tak beratur tadi. "
Stupid boy responded retardedly, "Huh?"
Fat-pig repeated, "Adik tak beratur tadi."

What kind of a sick, morally retarded father, would encourage his child to go above a social ethics such as, be courteous by getting in line and wait for your turn, especially when everybody else happens to be in some form of line.

And especially, what kind of sick bastard of a father, who would publicly blatantly shamelessly point out his son's erroneous act, right after the son himself are caught right handed by other people, when he, the father himself was openly encouraging the son to perform the erroneous act in front of those people who caught him??

I know, a fucked up kind of father.

Not only that we shook our heads in disbelief and disgust, I actually clapped my hand as I walked away from the stall. Clearly appalled.

There is a high chance that the boy obeyed the line up rule in school. But when he is at home, the person he is supposed to look up to, was clearly encouraging him to ignore these rules. So SICK ! I suppose the case would multiply should the man have more than one child to nurture his bad thinking and behaviours.

No wonder why the community is constantly infested with these vomits.

UMNO polls hu-ha

I am sickened with the result of Pemuda UMNO result. Sickened with the person they hail as their leader, despite the fact that the person accepted the warning for bribery or more famously referred to as politik wang. (money politics?)

Hear, hear my site visitors.

UMNO and UMNO Youth organisations are under the main political party in the country and all 5 of Malaysian Prime Ministers are from UMNO. Recently, elections have taken place to choose the leaders for these organisations.

In the middle of the process, some effort was in place to identify the candidates who are involved in bribing the voters. One of the candidates to compete for the UMNO vice president post was denied due to this money-politic activity.
And as for one of the candidates for UMNO youth president, who is our current Prime Minister's son in law, (strangely) he was only issued a warning instead. This candidate accepted the warning, thus accepted his guilty accusation and proceeded with the election. And oh, who knew (duh), after 6 hours of counting and recounting the total of 790 votes, this candidate won the presidential seat for the UMNO Youth post. I remember the general election did not take up until 6 hours to count thousands and thousands of votes. I smell dead fish. Foul play. Oh no, not only me.

At the workplace's library :
40-something Chinese colleague 1 : So, UMNO election, whom you agree with?
Me : I know I hate the elected leader for the youth wing.
40-something Chinese colleague 1 : I stayed up watching the result on tv last night. They took so long to count. At first, this guy (Mukhriz) was leading, then recount, the other guy won!
Me : Wow. Mukhriz dropped from no 1 spot to the last spot (3rd) after 6 hours of counting and recounting.
40-something Chinese colleague 1 : Ya la. Kotoq la these people. (These people are dirty)

Then I told a 30 year old Chinese colleague about the conversation...

Chinese colleague 2 : Hai-yoh why do you have to come and talk to me about this? Spoil my mood. I tell you, I am so devastated after hearing that he won on the radio this morning (on the way to work.)

Me thinking :
oh my...even the chinese don't like this guy. What will happen in future election? I need not to post my malay friends' reaction on this. No matter what, to hell with Kelantan or Pahang UMNO youth wings. The real election is from Malaysian youths, Chinese and Malays alike. And Malaysian youths hate your leader's face to our stomachs.

Hear, hear my site visitors.

The members of the Malaysian youth leader organisation have elected Khairy Jamaluddin who practised bribery openly as reported in all local newspapers and warning letter issued, as their leader.

Appaling. Disgusting. Revolt. Sickening. Repugnant.