Friday, May 29, 2009

my thoughts on the Champions League Final

Details :

Manchester United FC vs Barcelona FC
Man U : 0 Barca : 2 (10", 70")
Sensational strikers : Cristiano Ronaldo (MU) Lionel Messi (Barca)

Man U played like a bunch of monkeys. The defenders were the biggest apes.

If you watched the game then you'll know what I mean.

The first 10 minutes showed Ronaldo eagerly, passed desperation, trying to prove himself over and over again as the newly crowned World's best footballer 2009 against runner up, Messi. I think there was a huge pressure on him and he tried too hard. His fellow wing-men, Park and Roonie, fed him with opportunity endlessly, as much as they can for the 1st 10 minutes and throughout the game. It was beginning to convince the spectators that Man U was going all out, and I mean all out and I actually had the thought of, "this is going to be an exciting game."

All of a sudden, for the first time, or for the first couple of time when Barca managed to passed the ball up to United's defense area, and they immediately scored a goal. Much to my surprise and I believe many others too as the first 10 minutes were all about United and we weren't anticipating on any goals especially on the 1st or 2nd trial for Barca (considering United had tried like 10 times before that...really, that bertubi-tubi, ok.)

Then, from then was not Manchester United whom had not managed to build back their psychos, their psychos never went down in fact. It is just that, Barcelona FC was the one that had their psyche built up and the rest of the 80 minutes were all about Barcelona.

This was when the United players started playing monkeys. Barcelona made good passes. When they have the ball, it would be a long time for the United to grab it back. Or at least stealing it. It was darn obvious. They controlled the game. I enjoyed watching Barcelona players. They really played their game. Turning another giant club into a monkey bunch. That's a success.

As for the biggest apes, the United's 'strong' defenders....they are nowhere near the Barca defenders that night. In fact, Anderson and Vidic annoyed me. Anderson, especially. I don't know what they were doing. Barca players have always had easy access to Man U's penalty area. I repeat, easy access. Really, many times when Barca made a dangerous move, the moment when the commentator was talking fast and furiously high-pitched anticipating a goal moment, ya, during that time, it would always be either Ronnie or Roonie, trying to save the ball at the corner of Man U's area. I mean, whadda? Imagine they had to rush back for a counter attack.

On the other hand, it was tough for Man U's attach line-up. Cristiano Ronaldo, Park Ji-Hsung and Wayne Roonie, they were all tied. Seriously, the Barcelona defenders really defended their area like they were paid for it. They were good.

Meanwhile, old timer, Ryan Giggs, whom had just announced his dream team, which does not include Ronaldo in it, missed a couple of good chances. Makes me wonder, would it make any difference if he could have passed to the attackers? Or does he have a grudge over the hype of their striker? Yea, the fella may be unpleasant at times and definitely snobbish, but it definitely ain't for nothing. The guy's the best.

I have read over and over again in every newspaper, 2009 Manchester United is the best line up in Sir Alex Fergusson's career. If what I watched in the Champions League final is the best line-up performance, then in my humble opinion, it is always, always good to instil a bit of fear in you. Good enough for you to be extra cautious. Keeps you more alert. Seriously, how cautious are you when you are over confident?

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