Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And God created Geminis..

They say, literally, there are multiple sides to a gemini. Be prepared to be amused!

I'm a big fan of Alanis Morissette. I don't care what people have to say about that. Angry girl music sad pathetic whatever. I basically found my base in her music during my 'turbulent' teenage years.

JAGGED LITTLE PILL won the 1996 Grammy Awards for Album Of The Year and Best Rock Album. "You Oughta Know" won the Grammys for Best Rock Song and Best Female Rock Vocal Performance. "You Oughta Know" was also nominated for Song Of The Year, and Alanis Morissette was nominated for Best New Artist.

"Ironic" was nominated for the 1997 Grammy Award for Record Of The Year.

With exuberant vocal gymnastics, Alanis Morissette offers chilling monologues from an outspoken and aggressive young performer. Her straight-for-the-jugular lyrical stance is given ample room to flex its muscles, and because of that very fact, JAGGED LITTLE PILL is indeed a tricky swallow. Pushed into the public eye by the scathing single "You Oughta Know," Morissette's American debut (she had two Canadian releases as a teen popster) lives up to its title.

Recalling Siouxsie Sioux and Sinead O'Connor, Morissette's vocals coo and writhe, exuding a spectacular confidence of self, and letting her get away with lines like "I recommend biting off more than you can chew." The audio palette of flamenco guitar fills, distortion-drenched power chords and house-ready drum beats allow for Morissette to weave her songs in and out of genres, as easily as she goes through moods. Seemingly contradictory emotions come through in her feelings on falling in love on "Head Over Feet" ("You've already won me over in spite of me.../I couldn't help it/It's all your fault"). JAGGED LITTLE PILL is modern and aware music from a daring young songwriter.

Just my freakin' cup of coffee bean's mocha ice blended ta hell with boy bands all you guys do is annoy me i put up with your songs and lyrics cuz the others do everyone knows well blending in with the major crowd gets you by in school but thank you india thank you terror thank you disillusionment thank you frailty thank you consequence I listened to her music.

Then on, so what if we all read books and magazines but i read both and comic books.
So what if we all have motorbike license and id want to have both motorbikes' and superbikes'.
So what boy bands annoy me but i sing along for peace and all times' sake.
So what we all love shopping for shoes and bags but i shops them in different designs than most.
So what if we all wear t-shirts and pants but i wear them kinda differently.
still, so what if my mp3s are a jumbled mix of TOP 40s and oldies and everything in between.
(i don't like justin bieber. I believe that is the major mainstream)
So what if i'm not 100% in the mainstream.
They can't categorize me. I can't categorize me. My attire all rock n rollin leather and boots, but the closest i get to coffee is mocha and my ice cream flavour is vanilla sundae chocolate syrup.

And then the two different sides of my Grammy vs MTV collection collided...

into a bizarre spoof as (??)

I was like, how could it?? She can't be doing that ! It's an abomination! Alanis yg rocker kewl tu p spoof BEP yang mainstream kewl...oh no...they represent the different sides of me my different moods. They can't mix !

Wana : Cuba hang check tgk Jida...Alanis Morissette nie lahir bila..

Omaigoddd...she is a gemini !

Wana lagi : Dia pun mcm hang jugak la...ada time mood dia happy dia nyanyi lagu BEP..hang dengaq lagu BEP..


In another instance, was chatting with ct today on movies...

[5:26:27 PM] azida says: gwen stefani and dutchess fergie tu fantasy ladies la

[5:26:33 PM] azida says: eh fantasy characters

[5:26:38 PM] azida says: they should be in a video game

[5:26:41 PM] azida says: buat la apa saja

[5:26:48 PM] azida says: their characters are so kewl

[5:26:56 PM] azida says: and throw in PINK jadi watak jahat yg gila

[5:26:58 PM] azida says: purfect

[5:27:12 PM] Siti Rosma says: hahah

[5:27:13 PM] Siti Rosma says: agak la

[5:27:17 PM] Siti Rosma says: dh tgk sucker punch?

[5:27:29 PM] azida says: ya ya i know that video game fantasy mcm sucker punch, nope tak tgk

[5:27:44 PM] azida says: mcm all these blondies trying to prove something worth it ka

[5:27:46 PM] Siti Rosma says: ct sangat frust dgn cerita tu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[5:27:49 PM] azida says: duh

[5:27:52 PM] Siti Rosma says: sungguh la saya emo!!

[5:27:53 PM] azida says: did u pay for it?

[5:27:57 PM] Siti Rosma says: eh xla

[5:28:00 PM] azida says: seb bek

[5:28:01 PM] Siti Rosma says: dpt daripada bdk laki

[5:28:02 PM] Siti Rosma says: dc

[5:28:05 PM] azida says: see, a good side

[5:28:05 PM] Siti Rosma says: starting dh best dh

[5:28:08 PM] Siti Rosma says: dark ja..

[5:28:14 PM] azida says: so wtver the f with that cerita?

[5:28:20 PM] azida says: mcm sgt tak worth it?

[5:28:23 PM] azida says: tell me ur version

[5:28:26 PM] Siti Rosma says: mak dia mati..step dad dia nk harta..dia terbunuh adik pmpuan dia..kena hntaq p tmpt lunatic

[5:28:31 PM] Siti Rosma says: cm, starting bes laa

[5:28:45 PM] azida says: terbunuh..?

[5:28:46 PM] Siti Rosma says: tmbh2 lak pmpuan yg brlakon cta series of unfortunate event apa tah

[5:29:13 PM] Siti Rosma says: step dad dia tu nk apa2kn adik pmpuan heroin tu, so heroin tu nk tembak step dad dia, tp tertembak adik dia sniri

[5:29:19 PM] Siti Rosma says: so step dad dia frame la dia

[5:29:24 PM] Siti Rosma says: so dat dia leh dpt harta

[5:29:34 PM] Siti Rosma says: starting dia tu bes sbb dgn music background tu bes

[5:29:43 PM] Siti Rosma says: dia nynyi balik lagu sweet dreams are made of this

[5:29:56 PM] Siti Rosma says: version actress tu nynyi..bes

[5:29:57 PM] Siti Rosma says: mcm dark

[5:29:59 PM] Siti Rosma says: cm emo

[5:30:05 PM] Siti Rosma says: bila dia masuk tmpt lunatic tu

[5:30:06 PM] Siti Rosma says: trus xbes

[5:30:29 PM] Siti Rosma says: konon2 dia kena menari utk buat suma org mesmerize n time tu la depa start curi barang2 yg depa perlu utk escape

[5:30:39 PM] Siti Rosma says: konon2 time dia menari tu depa dok lawan2 la

[5:30:41 PM] Siti Rosma says: tp x bes

[5:30:42 PM] Siti Rosma says: huhhhhhh

[5:30:50 PM] Siti Rosma says: i dunno la tp im so x puas hati dgn cta tu

[5:30:59 PM] Siti Rosma says: sbb i was expecting tinggi starting dia tu

[5:31:57 PM] azida says: it sounds so.....'huh?'

[5:32:09 PM] azida says: u know..

[5:32:36 PM] azida says: in all fairness,chaq tak suka cerita tu mcm chaq tak suka cita terminator series

[5:32:47 PM] azida says: terminator = fantasy budak lelaki..ntah hapa2..membabi buta..

[5:32:51 PM] azida says: same as sucker punch

[5:33:05 PM] azida says: fantasy blondies trying to prove what what pun taktau

[5:33:09 PM] azida says: dua2 tak tentu hala

[5:33:47 PM] Siti Rosma says: tu la pasaiii

[5:33:52 PM] Siti Rosma says: ct xtau cta tu cmna mula2

[5:33:55 PM] Siti Rosma says: malaih nk imdb

[5:33:56 PM] Siti Rosma says: tgk ja la

[5:34:00 PM] Siti Rosma says: skali......

[5:34:04 PM] Siti Rosma says: ct pon gagah la tgk kn

[5:34:10 PM] Siti Rosma says: time dia dok lwn2 tu, ct wt keja

[5:34:18 PM] Siti Rosma says: tp tu pon tgk x abeh

[5:34:21 PM] Siti Rosma says: xleh gagah

[5:34:27 PM] Siti Rosma says: sama mcm muvie percy jackson

[5:34:30 PM] Siti Rosma says: xbley2

[5:34:32 PM] Siti Rosma says: emo tgk

[5:35:10 PM] azida says: hahahahha

[5:35:15 PM] azida says: kesian kesian

[5:35:24 PM] azida says: cerita cave diving tu tgk dak g?

[5:35:31 PM] azida says: sanctum

[5:36:50 PM] Siti Rosma says: belom2

[5:36:56 PM] Siti Rosma says: cta just go with it tgk x?

[5:37:02 PM] azida says: tak

[5:37:04 PM] azida says: sapa belakon

[5:37:13 PM] Siti Rosma says: ok baru nk bg spoiler

[5:37:18 PM] Siti Rosma says: oh dua2 chaq xminay

[5:37:19 PM] Siti Rosma says: minat

[5:37:23 PM] Siti Rosma says: apa nama ni

[5:37:35 PM] Siti Rosma says: jennifer aniston and adam sandler adam sandler ka..ha ya kot

[5:37:41 PM] Siti Rosma says: tapiiiiii

[5:37:46 PM] Siti Rosma says: ada la satu watak sampingan ni

[5:37:51 PM] Siti Rosma says: muka macam nicole kidman tp macam bukan

[5:38:01 PM] Siti Rosma says: tp rasa2 mcm dia

[5:38:06 PM] Siti Rosma says: tp watak sampingan ja pon

[5:38:13 PM] Siti Rosma says: bila imdb, mmg btoy2 dia!

[5:38:15 PM] Siti Rosma says: haha

[5:41:46 PM] azida says: ok ta hell with that

[5:42:23 PM] azida says: setakat nk tgk nicole kidman yg sure tak sure watak dia ka tak chameo smp tera tu la

[5:42:25 PM] azida says: tamau lah

[5:42:28 PM] azida says: chaq tau cita tu

[5:42:32 PM] azida says: jln cerita mcm boleh tahan

[5:42:59 PM] azida says: chaq rasa jenifer aniston mcm boleh tahan kut berlakon cita tu, sbb not 100% abt her so dia tak over kan

[5:43:16 PM] azida says: tp adam sandler sumpah over and typical and sgt sgt stereotype

[5:43:25 PM] azida says: 10x sumpah meluat

[5:43:26 PM] azida says: ha!

[5:43:29 PM] Siti Rosma says: haha biasa la

[5:43:34 PM] Siti Rosma says: omaigod

[5:43:38 PM] azida says: emo plak kan

[5:43:41 PM] Siti Rosma says: have u watched love and other drugs??

[5:43:45 PM] azida says: tak

[5:43:46 PM] Siti Rosma says: astaghfirullah

[5:43:48 PM] azida says: sapa belakon

[5:43:49 PM] Siti Rosma says: sungguh ku tak sangka

[5:43:53 PM] azida says: wot wot??

[5:43:55 PM] Siti Rosma says: princess diaries itu begitu

[5:43:57 PM] Siti Rosma says: hahaha

[5:43:58 PM] Siti Rosma says: imdb lah

[5:44:01 PM] Siti Rosma says: ish

[5:44:06 PM] Siti Rosma says: oh btw btw

[5:44:08 PM] Siti Rosma says: haih byk pulak

[5:44:14 PM] Siti Rosma says: sila imdb

[5:44:23 PM] azida says: princess diaries tu strip ka dlm cita tu?

[5:44:29 PM] azida says: chaq ada terbaca kowt

[5:47:12 PM] Siti Rosma says: "friends for benefit" and "no strings attached"

[5:47:30 PM] Siti Rosma says: mila kunis and natalie portman respectively

[5:47:37 PM] azida says: hahahha

[5:47:39 PM] Siti Rosma says: dua2 jalan cerita lebih kurang

[5:47:40 PM] azida says: lawak ar depa nieh

[5:47:43 PM] azida says: itu la pasai

[5:47:45 PM] azida says: tp chaq nk tgk jugak

[5:47:47 PM] azida says: ahahahahaha

[5:48:03 PM] Siti Rosma says: before this imdb punya synopsis for both muvies are exactly the same

[5:48:07 PM] Siti Rosma says: like, totally the same!!

[5:48:11 PM] Siti Rosma says: ni depa dh tukaq sket

[5:48:16 PM] Siti Rosma says: tp dua2 muvie lbey kurang

[5:48:19 PM] Siti Rosma says: cm tah hapa2 ja

[5:48:23 PM] Siti Rosma says: tp mmg dua2 wajib tgk

[5:48:24 PM] Siti Rosma says: haha

[5:49:29 PM] azida says: ha tu la pasai kan

[5:49:33 PM] azida says: mcm dua2 wajib tgk

[5:49:53 PM] azida says: depa discuss ka nk belakon cita apa next

[5:50:05 PM] azida says: tp, natalie portman - thor

[5:50:15 PM] azida says: mila kunis kena cari watak komik pulak

[5:50:29 PM] azida says: but natalie portman main totally different characters

[5:50:36 PM] azida says: in the same year kowt dia berlakon wth

[5:50:41 PM] azida says: black swan

[5:51:05 PM] azida says: no strings attached

[5:51:06 PM] azida says: thor

[5:51:48 PM] Siti Rosma says: thor dis year jugak ka?

[5:51:57 PM] Siti Rosma says: gilaa

[5:53:21 PM] azida says: ct

[5:53:24 PM] azida says: chaq mengadu kat k/wana

[5:53:36 PM] azida says: pasai alanis morissette nyanyi lagu my humps tu

[5:53:52 PM] azida says: and chaq emo2 kata violating chaq punya different personalities and sides

[5:54:06 PM] azida says: peh tu k/wana kata...cuba hang check tgk..mana tau dia tu gemini

[5:54:17 PM] azida says: google la alanis morissette birthday

[5:54:24 PM] Siti Rosma says: oh damn

[5:54:25 PM] azida says: tang tang depan mata, 1st June

[5:54:33 PM] Siti Rosma says: hhahah

[5:54:34 PM] Siti Rosma says: hamekk!!

[5:54:35 PM] azida says: OMAIGOAT!

[5:54:35 PM] Siti Rosma says: chaq

[5:54:37 PM] Siti Rosma says: ehem

[5:54:53 PM] azida says: so sambey chaq immediately ping sakit kepala

[5:54:53 PM] Siti Rosma says: chaq nk kata 2 personality tu bep and alanis morriesette ka??

[5:54:56 PM] Siti Rosma says: salah tu

[5:55:03 PM] Siti Rosma says: your dual personality is

[5:55:17 PM] Siti Rosma says: alanis morisette and miranda cosgrove ka apa nama dia tuh!

[5:55:19 PM] Siti Rosma says: haih

[5:55:26 PM] Siti Rosma says: contrast gila!

[5:55:35 PM] azida says: who said i have 'dual' personalities??

[5:55:47 PM] Siti Rosma says: fine!

[5:55:50 PM] Siti Rosma says: different!

[5:55:50 PM] azida says: there's a term called, multiple personalities disorder ok

[5:55:51 PM] Siti Rosma says: zzz

[5:55:57 PM] azida says: only mine is multiple personalities in order

[5:55:59 PM] azida says: orait

[5:56:08 PM] Siti Rosma says: ct pon sama

[5:56:14 PM] Siti Rosma says: one minute i'm head banging to mcr and korn

[5:56:15 PM] azida says: k/wana leh kata apa tau

[5:56:37 PM] azida says: dia pun mcm hang la, mana tau one day dia good mood dia takmau nyanyi lagu2 angry, dia nyanyi la lagu my humps

[5:56:42 PM] Siti Rosma says: another minute, i'm google-ing "sad and slow songs that make you want to die"

[5:56:43 PM] Siti Rosma says: watehel

[5:56:49 PM] Siti Rosma says: haa btoy2

[5:57:14 PM] azida says: well, at least mine is miranda cosgrove, kissing u, i imagine beaches, seasides..

[5:57:24 PM] azida says: takdak la pulak sedih slow gila nk mati

[5:57:26 PM] azida says: har har

[5:57:31 PM] Siti Rosma says: eh bukan2..bukan sad songs that make u want to die.. ni "sad and MISERABLE songs"

[5:57:32 PM] Siti Rosma says: hahahaha

[5:57:37 PM] azida says: MISERABLE

[5:57:38 PM] Siti Rosma says: nak buat macam mana

[5:57:42 PM] azida says: (rofl)

[5:57:44 PM] azida says: adoi...

[5:57:52 PM] Siti Rosma says: dah membersar dgn "another sad love song racking my brain"

[5:57:54 PM] Siti Rosma says: hahah

[5:58:13 PM] Siti Rosma says: woi2 nk stdy analog!

[5:58:13 PM] Siti Rosma says: ish!

[5:58:16 PM] azida says: OMAIGOAT!!

[5:58:22 PM] azida says: natalie portman pun gemini !!!

[5:58:28 PM] Siti Rosma says: ergh

[5:58:30 PM] Siti Rosma says: saiko

[5:58:34 PM] azida says: ok im bloggin swan, thor and no strings attached..three totally different genre movies in one year. That explains it.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Headaches and dairy products

We didn't know that specifically,

The two most prominent dietary factors which in prone individuals invite recurring viral headaches or chronic
sinus headaches are dairy products and simple sugars as a result of their weakening effect of the immune
system (see also Acu-Cell "Sugar & Glycemic Index"). Dairy products in particular have a reputation of being
a major cause of mucus / sinus congestion, closely followed by wheat products, although there are likely a
number of other person-specific beverage or food sensitivities (e.g. to cocoa products...) that may have to
be isolated and subsequently avoided in order to control sinus congestion and headaches.

reference :

So, siti rosma and farah delema, pardon moi sbb i tgh mood minum susu coklat dutch lady, tesco tgh offer rm15/4 kotak :D

Simau !! where's your blog !

Friday, April 08, 2011

Retro remodelled

vw bulli...i want one..he he

Ode to Farah's savvy

Was recently in Genting, just to have the feeling of spending rm48/nite for a Deluxe room with 2 breakfasts in First World Resort ;)

It was my first time driving up to the hill and the first time also for my housemate's savvy. Something i have to say about the car, the performance is outstanding. Forget about the common minor glitches in Proton cars and the various major scheduled maintenance of the savvy in particular, I drove from Kulim to KL, rest for one night and then up to Genting the next day and down straight to Kulim the very next, seriously, I don't have to think about vibrations and instability, this car is really sturdy for a car in its class. OK, to be fair, I've only driven a kancil from Kulim to Ipoh for comparison with Perodua, where at 100km/h mmg ringan lagi melayang serious tak berani exceed 100km/h. But this car, tak berat, tapi sturdy. I don't drive that slow, but safety and comfort are No.1. By all means, my co-driver is reminded to at any time let me know whenever she felt unsafe with my driving. Very good grip at the turnings. (And No, don't ask me that, i've never tested the absorber absorption power with that one aktiviti tak senonoh).

About the route to Genting, we almost had a collision at the last sharp turn where this white honda/toyota (not sure, other than the headlights, it was pitch dark). As I said, it was pitch black but our headlights, and physics 101 lights travel in a straight line, so at a sharp 85 degree bend, it takes about half a second to steer your car in the direction of the bend than the usual negligible time if you could see head on in a proper lighting condition (say...daylight!). And this other car, the driver should be experienced with the route, took over ours at that very sharp bend and while it took us half a second to steer left, it already did. So we almost collided. It gave both cars quite a shock and then it just drove ahead all the way. While our car, being a sturdy one on taking over corners and sharp bends+collision possible moment, we avoided a panic situation and it was confidence all the way.

Anyways, last but not least, this car is for sale, Farah is looking for a bigger car with a bigger boot size for her shoes. Leave a comment if you're interested..

Much ado about Istak

A few years back, this brand of malt drink, Istak, a product from Iran was introduced in Pameran Halal Antarabangsa 2009 (MIHAS).

It was controversial..

Some people mengharamkan produk nie based on dalil, "meniru cara hidup yahudi dan nasrani". I just can't really agree with drinking this provocative packaging of the product will slowly 100% lead us to kekafiran. Yahudi and Nasrani will forever be provoking us, latest being the usage of the word, Allah, in refererence to their God. What if they started packaging their beers in a 'plastik bag ikat tepi'? So how? Shall we stop using the plastik bag ikat tepi? But then again, tapai dlm plastik bag ikat tepi is still haram.

Some people terus mengharamkan this drink through his sceptics. When asked why, setan pun mencucuk, "nampak mcm lain macam ja...mcm botoi arak ja..." apa dalil dia guna pun taktau. Jangan membabi buta. You see, when God grants you a family who loves you, a family you are proud of, always a centre of attraction, boosting your self-esteem and ego, don't use this self confidence to make yourself heard by quickly labeling anything based on just anything...seriously, mengharamkan yang halal tu berdosa. Menyoal banyak2 pun Yahudi-an (kes korban anak lembu) . Be humble. When you let setan massage your ego, you are more to memecah belah rather than being a pemimpin.

Nevertheless, root beer yang sah-sah ada nama "BEER" tu xdak masalah pulak.

Here is an interesting response from user, "Tok Janggut", from :

Conclusion dia TAK HARAM. Nama tidak mengubah hakikat sesuatu perkara. Perkara yang haram kalau diletak nama halal, tetap haram. Dan perkara yang halal diletakkan nama Haram, tetap halal.

Hasan Al banna menyebut: "Yang diambil kira ialah sesuatu yang dinamakan (substance), bukan nama yang diberikan”.

Ini kerana hukum mengharamkan sesuatu yang halal adalah sama syiriknya dengan menghalalkan sesuatu yang haram. Contohnya kalau burger itu halal, kita, tanpa usul periksa mengatakan ia haram, maka hukumnya berdosa, sama macam kita mengatakan air wiski itu halal. (Ruj Halal dan haram dalam Islam)

Berbalik kepada persoalan ini, perkara mengenai air ini ianya halal kerana susbtance atau kandungannya halal dan tidak ada nas menyatakan ia adalah haram. Rupa atau namanya tidak mengubah hakikat halalnya sesuatu perkara tersebut.
Untuk kita pergi jauh sedikiti, meminum air kosong di dalam bekas botol arak hukumnya harus. Apa yang kita tidak biasa adalah uruf nama Beer tersebut. Walhal root beer (seperti yang disebut oleh pendeta) sudah menjadi kebiasaan bagi kita. Ketidak biasaan uruf tidak boleh dijadikan dalil pengharaman.

Contohnya kisah nabi muhammad bila baginda bertandang ke rumah seorang sahabat. uruf (adat) masyarakat tersebut ialah memakan binatang bernama dhab sebagai satu makanan mewah. Teatpi nabi saw tak biasa makan. Lalu nabi tidak memakannya dan sahabat tersebut takut dhab haram. namun, rasullulah saw mengatakan bahwa baginda tak makan dhab (tak biasa dan bukan adat kaum nabi) tetapi tidak semestinya haram.

So remember, wahai pemimpin, ego gets you membabi buta.

Manusia adalah khalifah Allah. Not refering to only men when i said, "wahai pemimpin". See, ego. Jangan membabi buta. Ha ha.