Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Headaches and dairy products

We didn't know that specifically,

The two most prominent dietary factors which in prone individuals invite recurring viral headaches or chronic
sinus headaches are dairy products and simple sugars as a result of their weakening effect of the immune
system (see also Acu-Cell "Sugar & Glycemic Index"). Dairy products in particular have a reputation of being
a major cause of mucus / sinus congestion, closely followed by wheat products, although there are likely a
number of other person-specific beverage or food sensitivities (e.g. to cocoa products...) that may have to
be isolated and subsequently avoided in order to control sinus congestion and headaches.

reference : http://www.acu-cell.com/dis-hea.html

So, siti rosma and farah delema, pardon moi sbb i tgh mood minum susu coklat dutch lady, tesco tgh offer rm15/4 kotak :D

Simau !! where's your blog !

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