Tuesday, July 02, 2013


A plate of self serving bihun goreng and a piece of pan fried egg, 2 glasses of iced orange cordial dined in an airconditioned room costed me 20cents...after the rm1 company subsidy.

Earlier, I left a skype status ever declaring my boredom with work and life in conform to work as it is.

Now, filled, I thought, thank God. Here I am feeling satisfied, albeit dining alone in a closed cubicle at the cafe, I am not somewhere in a hospital bed or a funeral.

Puny humans, we were created as beings challenged to stay satisfied. We always want more, thus we complained. We often failed to see the silver linings of the situation layed upon us.

Dear God, make this my conversation to you. Whenever we complain, smirk us off eva green style, because, it is often funny how childish we are when we complain. Sorry :)

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