Monday, July 07, 2014

My testimonial on Jus Annona

If she didn't ask, I wouldn't have noticed. Coz it feels so natural that to frown a question wondering why is just not natural. After almost 3 weeks consistently taking a dose of jus annona in d morning on an empty stomach, the most obvious change I'm feeling is no more that dragging lethargic feeling in d evening after work. Used to feel it everyday, n used to blame the hot n wet malaysian weather for it.
I can't remember exactly when my energy was improved, but I did notice that after a day of fasting on a fine hot day of Monday this week, I was still pumped for a 2hr session of badminton with the girls at 9pm-11pm. I guess I was pretty 'excited' around the court, my chondromalacia knee condition gave me a visit d very next day n im still in recovery mode since. Nevermind that but this just goes to say that, my energy really improved!

One more thing, I have been wondering about my sleep on d day before yesterday. It was d best quality of sleep I have ever felt since at least the last 4 or 5 months or longer.. I'm talking about sleeping without me waking myself up when I tossed n turn around the bed. Yes, I'm that sleeper. How sad. Very bad quality of sleep.

So I woke up on Wednesday morning before the heart attack from the alarm clock going off, opened my eyes and the thing that immediately came to my mind was, 'My God, what a sleep..'

'See, my brain and my body woke up in sync. How awesome is that. However, instead of getting straight up off of the bed, I pressed myself back to steal a little snoozing time because, because I just wanted to feel that awesome sleep again. I managed to doze off though without the same effect, may be because of the rare endorphin flowing in d morning from d good night's sleep (Yes, I was so sure there were endorphins) or just God saying,"Yo hey, dat's enough get cho' ass up!"

Other than that, yes during the first week of taking d juice, one thing for sure was there were a lot of sweating, even on my face. A lot. I was bathing like 3 times a day that weekend. Definitely the body getting rid of the toxins. Speaking of toxins, doing the number 2 now also feels fuller, like making full use of the process. Never thought I'd be feeling this about that after taking the juice because I have usually been fine in that department before.

I did a little interview with my mom earlier today, asking if she's felt any difference after taking the juice. Well, her response is positive, no lethargy or less I'm not sure because when she doesn't feel tired she tends to push herself to the limit... a retired working class syndrome I guess. Also, she is subsequently taking another supplement which also boosts her energy. But one thing for sure she said, her constant clinging heartburn and acid indigestion problems are now...significantly reduced! I know my mom, she has this really bad acid indigestion+heartburn+winds in her body n if it's not attacking her it is a constance within her. So now, she noticed that she hasn't felt those winds in these few days. And that is good news!

Now my dad, I could only observed. Moving on after my mom I went to check with him next but he was not in the right condition. He was on a chair unscrewing, drilling screwing the old curtains to new blinds on 4 big window panels at home. So, doing what I should, I was handing him d screws n head screws instead.
See earlier this year my dad has been on the borderline of hypertension diagnosis. The very obvious symptom is lethargy. He spent more hours into his sleeping time than he usually did last year. The usual being the heavenly afternoon naps. But these days, this week to be more precise, both of them have even been skipping their afternoon naps. They've been hyper. My mom called me up this morning, from a DIY store, telling me that there's breakfast ready if I cared to make a detour to their place otw to work. (Of course I did!) So, the rest of the day time my dad has been unhanging the old curtains n hanging the new blinds and while on his usual afternoon nap time frame he sped to another hardware shop to squeeze a glass job done on a totally different project! Knowing him, this is hyper in the physical n mental context. He is 65!

And we all have been taking the juice. One thing in common for us is more sweating than usual which is good yes. It's pretty logical that the effects are different for all of us which makes it more valuable and interesting to me. My parents moods have definitely been lighter much. I understood that it improves serotonin absorption in the brain. Me, I've had a few swings but maybe bcoz of the pmsing period. Nobody was harmed during the process (I don't think so..other than myself maybe) so that's a different story.

So thank God for His blessings in our taking this supplement juice from one of His creation's extracts, through the hard and continous efforts of my dear friend, Ony, this is one of your jewels. On this miracle supplement, Jus Annona, this is my testimonial for you. And thank you for asking, else I wouldn't have noticed ;) .

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