Thursday, August 04, 2016

My Review on the NEXX XG100 Purist White

Wore it on a Sunday ride of 233km around Penang Island. Tested it along the highways, the Penang first bridge (not so strong winds but with open sea left and right), the Teluk Bahang-Balik Pulau hill curves, the busy Georgetown area, the ride on the road along the seaside, and also...carrying the helmet around the world heritage area and Esplanade G'town Festival on 31st July 2016. Was with the helmet from 9am to 12am.


The helmet is surprisingly light. It feels sturdy, I did not get that pain at the back of the neck when speeding on the highways (the issue with the upright riding of the Scrambler Ducati). 
Now, on the hills of Teluk Bahang-Balik Pulau, the open faced helmet I used to wear had more visibility of the corners and curves. I was a bit wary of the disadvantage of a full faced helmet for me personally, however, this proved to be a non-issue. My mind did not create any anxiety nor did I lose any focus when taking on the continuous curves of the hills. As usual, it was, “Alaa…dah habis??” as I reached the foothill.

The first time I wore it and turn on the engine of my bike, I did not recognize the sound that came out from my bike. Pretty snug. I am used to using an open face helmet, so it took some time to get used to a full faced helmet. But I'm always excited whenever I'm out for a ride so, it was just a few minutes to get used to it :)

pillion bidan terjun.
i look like i've been out all day. coconut vanilla ice cream.
12th hour of outing.
Then I had the concern of not being able to hear the pillion at the back, tested it later during the day, it turned out I had no problem hearing my friend and she hearing me (i didn't have to shout any louder than when wearing an open faced). Amazing. It dampens the sound of your surroundings, sufficient enough for you to still listen to oncoming vehicles and the person sitting behind you. Cool.

When speeding on the highways and riding on the bridge (with expected winds from the open sea), I could hear the wind, of course, but not that continuous buzzing sound pressing on your ears. The design at the chin area (and the smooth solid paint of the whole helmet) splits the wind in a way that it passes smoothly by your ears (imagine soft silk and Yuna's Crush playing).

Man, it was a beautiful ride that Sunday.

Now, I wear a head scarf and a tudung bawai pulak tu… I've tried Bell Bullitt a few times before but the material inside it somehow, ripped the scarf off my head when I took the helmet off. Habis tercabut pin kerongsang bagai. (yea, LoL moment i had with my friends). Frust!

Nexx XG100 however, while it is snug but the material inside is probably smoother so and I just need to readjust my head scarf a little after I took the helmet off. No issue. Thank God, coz, it was a gamble, I just bought this helmet off the internet (Urban Rider) as it is not available in Malaysia. Otherwise, I would have spent like what…rm2k..r3k on a Bell Bullitt tak pasai2.

So yea, I love this helmet. The purist solid white paint, I’m gonna sharpie wise words around the edges of the helmet. Anyone would like to contribute?

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