Friday, December 30, 2005

30th dec 05, Villach town

30 Dec, 2005
Villach, Austria

I woke up at 5.30am today..turned and tossed in the bed for 45mins, before i got up and turn on the pc..had some songs on, You're beautiful..dawn..till i get over you..and still i don't know what to do..staring at the blank pc..with nothing in mind...damn..i dont like this.

still, i didn't immediately prepare myself for work..waited until almost 7 to take my bath..

I can't seem to be able to concentrate on work today..or concentrating on pretending to do some work..lost focus, my buddies noticed this and have been teasing me a lot..Lucky its friday..evrybody's in a new year mood..we don't hv any plans for the weekend. Perhaps, going out downtown or to another nearby town..heard there'll be fireworks...

funny that my home country will be celebrating new year 7 hours earlier than us..haha...the sun has already come up in Kulim and we're only shouting, Happy New year! ..
its, a guet's neis johr in carrinthean's dialect here..

ct : btw, new year nnt kami sambut dulu la? Haha! You are so yesterday, so yesterday! I'm like a bird dat's already flown away! And you're still a 'lamb' back there! Huahaha!

Well, there's this joke on some 'terms' we share between me n my of them is L.A.M.B....if you guys are aware, it's Gwen Stefanie's clothing retail brand..and it actually stands for.. Love Angel Music Baby..personally would make sense to her, yes, but we figure something out of it (i said we, would u like to take the credit too, ct? ) well, I, actually came up with something else for that word, Lost/Lame Asshole MotherF***ing B****..pardon me...i guess something was gettin on my nerve then..

But looking from another point of view...use LAMB then instead of the above mentioned words..

ok, a fellow colleague just got on my nerve...i'm trying to calm down now..

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