Monday, December 26, 2005

Culture Shock

5.30 pm, 25th Dec 05

Two weeks in Austria, 65 more days to go… I went out with a fellow colleague yesterday, a malay guy. And it seems like he enjoyed talking about the lifestyle here..continously taking the conversation back to the stripping and fucking clubbing activities in his town. Not that he fucks there but from the way he expressed his stories, he’s a devoted audience to me. His excuse is, he went there because he’s never been to a strip club before back in the country and bila lagi, peluang dah di depan mata kan… before p club2 mcm nie, tgk iklan tv dulu…heheh…(I didn’t understand what he meant by tgk iklan, I thought maybe just tgk all the different types of adds on tv..u know how man can be immatured… so I said, yea, I like seeing the supermodels in adds…like Claudia schiffer…and he added, ada satu tu yg org tua tu you tgk tak..hahaha….ok, this one, I confused…but I mmg amat xdak mood so I just ignored..)

My two guys colleagues, non malays…they are so excited about beers. I’m beginning to feel really bosan with their excitement…I don’t understand just what is the restrictions with beers back home that makes them so excited with buying and drinking beers here? Their reasons were, kat m’sia ada wife…ada parents… OK, and don’t tell me you guys don’t go out and hv some drinks with your friends during the weekend…I don’t see you guys getting all drunk here… xkan your parents kiss you to bed kut? I don’t see the real issue here. My comment is, excited tak tentu kalu…ntah hapa-hapa…I think, this kind of excitement will only masuk akal if they start melanggan pompuan mat salleh here… kalau setakat beer tu..huh..immatured.

OK, ..i suka la tgk Claudia schiffer punya iklan loreal…

They have a lot of movies on their TV…maybe because of Xmas…I love movies alright…but…unfortunately for me, to my dismay and disappointment…every single Hollywood movies dialihsuarakan ke bahasa german…mcm tgk katun jepun kat TV1… amatla x puas hati…in fact, a short interview with Hollywood actors in a Melodi-type punya rancangan pun dialihsuarakan…bosan…bosan..

Speaking of movies…it looks like I posa tgk wayang for 3months… L I missed narnia… and of course, their cinemas here pun translated jugak la.. I mean, come on! At least guna la sub-title..

(hey, why do we need sub-titles for English movies...we ain’t like you m’sians or s’porean..we don’t need to have a foreign language as our 2nd language to have a successful life..ok, the germans have all types of cars with the best technology..)

Alright! Suit yourselves. Guess you will never hear brad pitt’s real voice and laughters coz you substitute his voice with some ‘malaysian-like’ voice in fact, the voices sound the same for some characters in different movies…I have to say, I am psychologically pressured with the TV here.. oh, the only thing that’s in English here is, Austrian Idol..they sing English songs.. Bon Jovi lah..Elton John la…I will survive lah…but, mcm kekok la..

Back to culture shock…I faced my own shock last nite. Well, I went to bed at around was around 12.30am, I was updating my blog entry, and while the page was loading…I was switching on the TV channels. Well, do you notice that when it is past midnite in m’sia..some TV channels start playing adds for ringtone downloads…friendsters…listen to songs..and you have to call the toll charged numbers? Well, there’s this one channel, which I found out last nite…was playing the adds for…and I mean, for real… OK, for the whole week, I have never changed the soap opera channel…coz I just turned the TV on for some noise…x pernah ada selera nk tgk tv depa…and in the soap opera siries…nk tgk babak kissing pun susah..mcm jgn harap la…and after 12am jaa…iklan2 kat channel yg satu nie..amat la memeranjatkan…
The women are fully shaved and naked…small breasts…big breasts…pick your choice…on the bed, dancing, in the pool, on the chair, the table…why only women, I don’t know…

(fuck…so these are the adds he talked about…and I said about Claudia schiffer’s adds…argh, darn! And yea…pompuan tua pun ada…yuck! )

I watched for a bit and this is sick, turned off the tv, and went to bed.

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