Saturday, December 17, 2005

The new job

OK, I had to commute from Kulim to Penang for a week. Should I say commute or drive..hmm BKE is commute…the Penang bridge is obsolutely driving..well, u got to stress test ur emergency brakes on the bridge…ok..i’d choose the word drive..
Was it at all pleasant by the way..? I think it’s a waste of time…well yea, I would surely enjoy a drive in the car to work and listening to a whole round of a cd…but I don’t think I have the sense of patience or even the rational of putting up with the penang bridge traffic and BKE speed way.

I was in kulim site for the 1st week, well, we were in the contenna.. even so, the place aint that bad..quite convenient really, just like a real office..well…any building is good if not tolerable if there’s a functioning aircond and an a hi-speed internet connection. The construction is really rapid..offices bulding is expected to be ready in February 06..and production floor will be up and running in May’s pretty kewl me, to be a part of a newly setup company as of this..watching how the guys from different functions show off their expertise to get the place running..the systems and the integration..i foresee an interesting environment next yr. it’s gonna be pretty busy for the next 2 yrs as per my mgr..but its always good to keep urself busy now when ure still young, that’s what I think.

Well, speaking of the spirit and the sentiment above, my prev job was also a newly setup dept abt 3 yrs+ ago. I practically grew with the place..and one thing, growing up is fun..haha! Urself growing together with ur job and the function kewl is that, huh? There’s a deeper sense of belonging I’d say. But one disadvantage tho, with the sense of belonging, u won’t be able to just close ur eyes when it grows bigger and some things are beyond ur control…so, u resign to a btr offer..hehe…yea yea they say ignorance is bliss, but still, how long can u put up with ur disappointments, really?

Up until now, I still wonder, was I really sort of a ‘traitor’ to have moved away when they say that the dept is still growing..? I’m not much of an important key player there..but hey, everybody is important that’s what I blv. Yea, I’m quite disappointed in a way..i feel stupid most of the time, but should I have stayed and mk it btr? Well, dats what we’ve been or indirect…u do not just run a way from a matter, u handle it and improve it..looking back at my previous job, I don’t feel 100% right to have left it behind me..but yea, I have tried on improving the job, somehow, the thing is so keen at staying in the ‘stupid level’ I comfort myself, be it man. Even if one day I manage to keep things under control and finally improve the stupid level of the task I did, I don’t think the feeling of satisfaction is up to the same level of the duration id go thru and the effort I’d put in convincing the ppl involve to move from their stupid level….damn, agonizing! Well, I did think of getting out of the task I was handling then, but transfer it to whom? That would be more unfair of me…but somehow, being mischievous could be fun sometimes..i practically dropped the task there and then when I tendered the resignation..and hell yea, ignorance is a fishing bliss.


Amylea said...

finally, ure here again...:D thank GOD! haha...

EmmBiLiS said...
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EmmBiLiS said...

hey...about leaving the "old" yet "growing" department..ahahaha...u moved on..don't feel anything..U have touched our hearts with your kinky smile and "fish" word..:) ..we have to move sometimes..don't we?

dah tgk gambar ngan loga..ckp ngan loga..bila nak amik gambar..tempeq ais kat muka dia..baru nampak..:)

i'm really happy to see both of you smiling all the way from austria..

don't postcard!!

take care!

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Lana said...

there.. there.. accepting that some things arent meant to be is part of growing up (is it??) well i know accepting is.. welcome back!! i mean to blogging.. post of some pics here, it'll be kewl.. take care girl and blog often!! Jgn nak hibernate jerr..

Ayu Ikhwani said...


Welcome back.. thought I'd never see you again here.. how life?

And what this I hear about austria??????? Tak cita kat saya pun, Jida :(

Ayu Ikhwani said...
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Ayu Ikhwani said...
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Ayu Ikhwani said...

Aiyooo.. byk nye typo.. mine la, not yours :-)