Sunday, December 25, 2005

The song that dinner night

OK…i have a thing for this’s local, made in Malaysia..

The thing is, 3 yrs ago, we had this annual dinner for the company and one of the guest artists was ezlynn. Ok, I know just one song of hers, hi hi bye bye..but she’s an entertainer..i enjoyed the show..

Somehow, suddenly, she sang one song and everybody was excited and applauding and they sang together..the thing is, there are 10 of us in one round table..and 9 of us were singing along to the song and the music..excitedly…guess who was the only one yg dok nganga xtau apa…I la tu..

( i was really dumbfounded that moment, I have never, never heard of this song before that..which is quite impossible..really..a song well liked by 90% of my dinner table..and I never heard of it..?? ok, then there’s this smart tag incident..which I don’t want to talk about…if u’re curious, ask somebody else who were at the scene )

For the tallest friend of mine, this song reminds me of you, as you had the most excited face singing to this song that nite..the others were laughing at me

Dan engkau masih, menyintaiku
Aku terharu sejuta rasa
Kerana usia mudaku membara
Hingga pernah buat kau kecewa

Dan engkau masih
Memberi harapan
Aku terlalu nilai buatmu
Akan ku balas dgn setia
Cinta remaja yg bahagia

Belum tentu lagi
Cintaku terbeli
Kasih sayang ini yang telah kau beri
Fikir-fikir ini, terbaik buatku
Aku sanggup bersamamu

Duniaku kini penuh bunga cinta
Warna-warni dlm kilauan asmara
Satu-satu jiwa terbaik buatku
Untuk hidup bersamamu

Dan engkau masih, tulus menanti
Aku dipanah rasa bersalah
Telah ku padamkan
Sejarah semalam
Untuk aku tenang bersamamu

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Ayu Ikhwani said...

How come this song seems familiar ah?