Sunday, December 25, 2005

What am I gonna cook??

23rd Dec 05, Friday.

Kratschacher Hof,

OK, its Friday..and its xmas weekend..with a replacement holiday on Monday, 3 days off from kool is dat?

I’m in the kitchen’s a very nice kitchen..and organized..good idea for my own kitchen back home..well, i always write here..there’s a table for me to place the laptop, my two guns (handphones..i’m carrying two of my malaysia number and the other is company’s phone) and my dinner..there’s a tv in front of me..i always turn it on, tho I don’t understand deutch, but here u can see top supermodels in adds and talking their mother tongue language..i’m referring to Claudia schiffer doing a shampoo add and speaking german..apparently, I guess these adds are too expensive for us.

I feel like cooking..but I don’t have much to cook..Opened the fridge, there’s like the coke here..less gas and less sugar..)..and what else…ah hey…sebungkus cili padi (ooh life!) in my rations cupboard,…meggi goreng..meggi mee..meggi meggi meggi..who da heck yg pesan mcm nk rak suh bawak benda2 megi nie…so far I just had one and I didn’t even finish cans of no sardine, no bawang..oh ok, there’s saltz..and zucker of course..(salt n sugar)..


I have never thought that I would feel almost miserable here because I don’t have anything to cook…not for the sake of kempunan with food from back home..but I just feel like cooking something, something decent, not that I have my own kitchen..this is unbelievable (me, feeling like cooking and nothing to cook…hmm at home, everything is there, the convenient kitchen, the raw stuffs to cook.. but I never really feel like cooking.. that ain’t suppose to be a surprise if you look at it from a different point of view tho..the value of love is not known until it is lost..heh) maybe because that’s my mom’s kitchen…well, i guess now I’m the kind of those people who can only cook when they have their own place to cook…

OK, I’m settling for mushroom soup, and telur dadar+cili padi…hope I’ll be satisfied. (models, modeling undies on tv now..some in sexy short santa outfit..)

OK, a packet of instant mushroom crème makes 2 bowls of soup..kewl..and I potong cili padi..2 bijik in each round of mushroom soup+pepper. Goreng telur dadar+cili padi..ooh…just the aroma…I had the telur dadar+cili padi 1st..ooh..voila!
I feel live slowly slid back into me..rasa pedas tu..mmg x boleh tolerate dgn benda2 lain lah! Now, I’m having my 2nd bowl of soup…kunyah cilip padi beb..pedas nie..bess gilllaaa..i’m sweating, man!

ok, speaking of food..i have not much complains..but that doesn’t mean I’m swallowing all the fish n rabbit food (vege meal). Well, lunch time at work, I’d go to the canteen..just take whatever meals with fish (no other meats, if fish, fish alone..if chicken, chicken alone..if pork, then there will always be two different pork if no fish, then I’ll eat the rabbit food…some of which with some kind of taste I couldn’t comprehend.. seriously..and I don’t usually finish them..just enough utk lapik perut..which is nice, really..u don’t eat until u’re full..dapat la my stomach rest..heh..

For dinner, it’ll be just what I had, mushroom/chicken crème soup and fried eggs (do u call it fried?? Sounds weird..correct me if I’m wrong..)

Just finished my dinner, and a ¾ liter of orange juice pedas punya pasal..but, my nose and mouth panas nih..i love this..rasa bes semacam..

Ok, it’s just 8pm now.

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