Thursday, December 14, 2006

it's happening again

i don't know how. people with little work can make themselves appear so busy. even when they admit it that they have only 1 or 2, at the most, things to do, but mgt still see them as busy people.

worse if the mgt is the type who sees you as busy when u stay back at the office after working hours (where you could probably carpool-ing that's why), and when you struggle to finish your work within working hours, they don't see your efficient, they thought you don't have enough to do.( and dump you with more and more)

or probably he can rely on me with (almost) all special tasks, but i am not getting the reward here. i can't even go on leave easily..hullo...friday half day,applied two days earlier,..."i assume this is urgent". and oh, "this (bloody) thing needs to be signed off on friday, you're going to be on leave? oh it's ok, azida can send it on behalf of you...provided she is not taking any leaves that day"

whadda fuck, man ?! who is supposed to be responsible now? fuck. i am being cool now. just don't wait till im exploded alright !

i may not be fully efficient but i know i am efficient. when i finished work on time means i plan my tasks within the required time (and in fact, i have the most tasks) when i finished work on time means, i'm fast ! and dat's for the sake of my personal time after work !! you should not see it as if i don't have enough to do! if u can rely on me to handle these tasks then where is my bloody fucking reward ??!!

if someone has to stay back from work, doesn't mean she's is busy up to the ceiling, hullo !!


lana said...

some things are indeed familiar, huh? wherever we are... heheh! i hear you sista!!

j1da said...

sigh...i'll survive. still planning on retiring early..still planning..damn, i dont know when i will start executing !