Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just to recap on recent weather condition.

It's been scorching hot for the past couple of months. To think that things would be better or maybe a switch to a dessert night weather would be appreciated was definitely wrong. A couple of times I had to bathe 3 times after the sun goes down before I went to bed, and always twice per night. I definitely pitied Bubbles for having to endure the weather just for being herself.

I was brought up with the idea of installing air conditioner in our homes as taboo with the hu-ha on the effect on electricity bills, too cold for our hereditary weak nasals, and the famous stern rejection comment to put off any request to just re-contemplate on the very idea would be, "Jangan dok ajaq sangat. Nanti dok jadi besa tak boleh duduk bila takdak aircond", courtesy of daddy dearest.

So yes, I have been lucky, all these years, that the house I'm staying in is not as warm as it could be on the 1st floor of my parents' during day time. But the last couple of month was significantly different. The day was shining hot and the night was exceptionally warm.

That does it.

After years of thoughts and overcoming the taboo with logics, I finally did it, but without much logic in minds but rather hunches and instincts on wanting to live a comfortable, decent life. Later on, everyone got pretty comfortable and daddy was convinced to have one too...with bigger horse power compare to mine.

So, I did it.

But nevertheless, a couple of days ago welcomes back the rain. Tho' the most beautiful part is, it would rain, semi-heavily and right after it stops, the sun would shine thru the clouds. Enough sunshine without the need to squint your eyes. Just put away the umbrellas and enjoy the after rain sunshine.

Dear God, let it rain, let it rain. This place I'm livin in could definitely use some rain everyday.

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